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Comment Something will topple Facebook... (Score 5, Insightful) 293

It might be open source, or it might not be, but eventually, someone will come along with a "better Facebook than Facebook", and it will slowly die.

That's just creative destruction at work. It ALWAYS happens.

Facebook was a better MySpace than MySpace.
MySpace was a better Friendster than Friendster.
Friendster was a better than ...and so on...

Google was a better Altavista than Altavista.
AOL Instant Messenger was a better ICQ than ICQ.
USENET was a better BBS than old-school dialup bulletin board.
Books were better scrolls than scrolls.

Something newer and better is going to come along. People talk about Facebook and the network effect "locking in" people, but creative destruction is even more powerful than the network effect.

Comment Re:I never DEPENDED on schools for my eduction (Score 1) 1252

Congratulations on your inquisitive nature, but your personal habit of recreational reading is quite frankly irrelevant in this discussion. The vast majority of schoolchildren accept what is presented to them in the classroom as the gospel truth (pun intended). Should the conservative wing of the Texas school board get its way, many innocent students will be put hopelessly behind their competition in other countries - the ones that aren't slowly turning into theocracies.

Comment Check out Springloops (Score 3, Informative) 244

It's hosted Subversion, with a slick web interface that walks you through darn near everything. You can configure development / test / production servers that can be accessed via FTP or SFTP and deploy new builds to any of them with just a couple of clicks. It integrates with Basecamp for project management, and it is really cheap - it sounds like either their Garden or Field plans would meet your needs, and they're both under $50/month.

Check them out here.

Not affiliated with them in any way, other than as a satisfied customer.

Comment Re:Sick of the anti-gay groups (Score 1) 1364

To bring this more on-topic: if I were a JotP, I would refuse to perform marriages for gay couples. I don't believe the State need recognize any rights for a union that cannot create a biological family, even in theory. (I know that not all heterosexual couples can or even want to have children, but the law is not about individual cases.)

So I would assume that you are also against marriages involving post-menopausal women? How about men who have had vasectomies?

I can see the bumperstickers now:


Comment Re:No one should have expected (Score 2, Insightful) 1364

Freedom of speech means that you have the right to express your beliefs secure in the knowledge that the government will not persecute you for your opinions.

It does not mean that you will be protected from being ostracized by the rest of society, however. Decisions have consequences, and if you decide that your beliefs require you to endorse state-sanctioned bigotry, then when that endorsement is made public, AS IT SHOULD BE, then you are going to have to face the consequences of your decision. If that means you lose business, or that your workplace becomes less welcoming, or that your picture shows up on a website, then maybe you should consider keeping your bigoted opinions to yourself.

No matter what your pastor says, gay rights ARE civil rights. Period.

Comment That's not how it works... (Score 1) 1

You negotiate up front. If you think something is outside the scope of your job and you deserve to be paid more for it, then you ask for additional compensation when the duties are assigned. Just because management feels that they need to dedicate a FTE to this now and have taken it off your plate doesn't mean that you can say, "Oh, since you're paying him for that, here's the bill for when I was doing it."

Asking for money now will get you laughed at, fired, or both.

Comment If Economics isn't a required course... (Score 1) 2

you should change schools ASAP. Computer Science is a great subject, but you can't consider yourself well-rounded if you don't have at least a cursory understanding of how the world of money operates. No matter what you decide this semester, you should plan to take at least two Econ classes (micro and macro) while you're in school.

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