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Comment Middle Class gets hammered, not the poor (Score 1) 452

In the US the poor 20% of the population have nothing.

The poor in the US have Medicare. It's the middle class that gets screwed when they get layed off or fired. COBRA is too expensive to pay for, and they are ineligible for Medicare. If you have a pre-existing condition your even more screwed, as you have to find a job ASAP because no private insurance will cover you. You can't start your own company, because you have a pre-existing condition and no insurance company will touch you.

If your poor, more importantly if your a young girl in a poverty area, the best way to be provided for is to get pregnant. The goverment opens up it's coffers to support you.

So it's not the poor who don't have anything, they get covered, it's all about the Middle Class. They get screwed.

Comment Re:false dichotomy (Score 3, Informative) 200

Medicare and Social Security are NOT Mentioned in the Constitution, yet the national defense is. If you want to start cutting programs, go for Social Security and Medicare NOT National Defense.

Now, there are problems with the "Military Industrial Complex" that Eisenhower famously warned us of. Much of NASA's woes come from the boon doggle that are Cost Plus contracts. This is why switching to the COTS program is a big step in the right direction. Companies don't get money until they produce results, they can't just suck at NASA's teat.

Comment Broadband Solution (Score 3, Insightful) 387

The problem with Net Neutrality is the last mile. Thus instead of adding more regulation in the form of Net Neutrality, the government needs to address the issue of government granted monopolies on the last mile. Once that is addressed, Net Neutrality issues will fade away. But Net Neutrality can be used as a stick to get more competition in the last mile.

What needs to happen is the Federal government needs to tally up how much tax payer money has gone to the telecoms, add interest, and then tell the telecoms that they need to pay back X billion dollars, once they have done that, they will own outright their own network. The money paid back to the government goes into a fund available to other ISP's that want to lay their own fiber.

Local municipalities would build, if they haven't already, a pipe in the right of ways in front of every house, going to every house. This pipe is what competing ISP’s would use to lay cable in, instead of having to dig separate trenches themselves. The local government would charge a minimal maintenance fee to any ISP who wants to lay cable in the pipe. The telecoms would also pay the same fee, even if they are not using the pipe, which would be for access to the right of way in front of, and through people’s property. This way the construction and maintenance of the pipe is guaranteed without any higher taxes.

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