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Comment Post Transplant? (Score 1) 988

Didn't most of the nasty comments come after the transplant? Other transplant recipients I've known have to live on prednisone (or something similar). Prednisonemakes me nasty after a few days. I'm no Jobs apologist, but I wonder how much of the vitriol was due to living on something like that?

Comment Make It Fun (Score 1) 527

Whether you love or hate Ruby, you should look at how the Ruby community has sold itself. It's a language that's designed (according to evangelists) to be fun. Frameworks like Rails are about making the work fun. Again, I'm quoting pitches... but.... But it's interesting what kind of a community that sales pitch draws in.


In other words, start off students with easy wins and clear syntax (like Ruby). Don't make them spend hours debugging pointer bugs (C/C++). There's plenty of time for that later. First get them hooked on creating. That's where the fun in programming is... making something new that actually works. I suspect most of us remember the first time we wrote a program that actually did something. That's the high, the rush, that we want potential programmers to feel. How easy can we make it get their first hit?

How can we do this instead of depending on their internal motivation? I'm sure we'll rope in a few that don't have the chops for it, but I bet we'll find a lot more who do but never considered the field because the barriers to entry were too high.

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