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Comment Re:Or they can continue... (Score 1) 157

The SDcard booting is really handy. The performance is slightly lackluster considering the read speed of the SDcard, but, it's still very usable.

The battery life out of the box, well, I didn't get very far in using it stock. The sales rep claimed 10. I browsed a lot for the better part of an hour without a single notch coming off of the battery gauge, for what that's worth. I know that when I set it to stock speed (300min 800max) I get about 4 hours of non-stop web browsing and all that entails (flash ads, opening multiple windows, checking email, gtalk sessions). Disable WIFI and I'm sure you could double that easily for just reading. Now, when I have it OCd (800min, 1300max) I get 2.5-3 hours of non-step web browsing, etc. The same for game playing, though admittedly I only play scrabble and puzzle games. I have tried a smattering of action games and they are all playable but I can't comment on their battery consumption habits. This is all with screen at max brightness, max volume (and then some thanks to DSP manager).

The Bluetooth is also handy for transferring files, though I haven't tried it for playing music.

I use Cyanogenmod7, though some people swear by Phiremod. MIUI was just released for needs a little work still but it's fully functional, it just doesn't 'scream' yet.

...and as far as any Android hacking is concerned get over to forums. Nook Color is listed in the forums list. Go straight to the Development sub forum. The boot images are all easily accessible and all the tools you need are right there in a sticky at the top with very clear instructions. You can even dual boot from the eMMC. I have a dual boot bootloader that lets me choose which to boot from eMMC (primary or secondary images), SDcard (also with two images) or Recovery.

I can't say enough good things about this machine, especially when compared to other "tablets" in and round it's price range. That gap is closing in the next 6 months I'd imagine as we get into the next generation of tablets, but, for my needs this thing is fantastic. Good luck.

Comment Re:Or they can continue... (Score 1) 157

I'm also curious about how CM7 on a nook color was so underwhelming to you...

Granted it isn't a Xoom, but it is $249. I installed it to the eMMC, OC'd to 1.3ghz, performance governor, installed launcher pro and I gotta admit it performs nearly as well as my Evo 4G did. I play games on it and they perform great. The browser performance sucks, but, that's the browser. Dolphin is a bit better, Opera is insanely smooth. I haven't done any modding or even tweaking since the weekend I got it. It really hauls ass. Sure, the battery life isn't as awesome as it was stock, but, it also isn't painful to use...quite the opposite and the battery life is still pretty damn acceptable (unless you need hours upon hours of nonstop screen-on gaming).

But, as usual YMMV...and did...but I'm also curious why and how you had such a dismal experience.

Comment Re:It's bound to happen....and again...and again.. (Score 1) 119

I am scared of that, but, I think the 'pro-sumer' market is big enough to prevent prices from getting that high...and some of these tasks, especially the media centric, are not a ready fit to the latency involved in a distributed type service. Of course that latency will decrease over time, but, so long as some of us know that for a small-to-medium level investment we can nearly eliminate that latency there will be a market for it.

I mean, if we as a society have the capacity to produce an SOC capable of unseating a variety of different industry leaders in a small handful of 'one fell swoops' I'd imagine it would be negligible to produce an 'old school' motherboard, north-bridge/southbridge, cpu, ram, slots, buss, etc type system....of course economies of scale (or lack thereof) would come into play...but...if a place like Guitar Center can sell a brand new Fender brand Stratocaster that to today's standard are garbage but would be a wonder of mass-production when the first Fender Stratocasters were made for $49...(once I bought a $69 case and got a Fender Stratocaster for free), well, I think we'll be okay obtaining reasonably priced PC hardware.

Comment It's bound to happen....and again...and again... (Score 1, Interesting) 119

...and the same for (most of the) PC market, and given my recent first (very easy) experience with DLNA the same for most "set top" equipment in general.

Except in special circumstances requiring very heavy lifting (research modeling, professional video/audio production, rendering, heavy duty compiling, etc) I'd imagine our "phones" will be picking up the slack and replacing *everything*... first I was repulsed by the idea, but, while that will nearly eliminate the commodity PC market you cannot eliminate the server market. The "back end" will always need the hardware...and we'll just have to use that. It won't become unavailable, it'll just get a little more pricey...but server-grade hardware never treated me wrong, comparatively.

...and then one day that too will become an app that fits in your pocket...and then we'll revert from the cloud back to individual computing devices...give it 10-20 years and we'll be back to mainframes with a different name...democrats will become republicans will become democrats...disco will return yet again...

Sounds funny, yes, but, as I get older this 'cyclical' thing apparently has something going for it.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony vs (

Stevespy writes: "Sony is suing in the High Court. They are claiming "breach of patent" on the Playstation3, but they are abusing the courts system in an attempt to stop the Independent Fault Reports that writes on the manufacture defects on the PS3. Customers in the UK can have their faulty PS3 consoles exchanged, free of charge, under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Sony deny the problems and are acting aggressively against any company publicising the issues."

Submission + - The End of Cheap Labor in China ( 3

hackingbear writes: The Time magazine reports, in what is supposed to be a land of unlimited cheap labor — a nation of 1.3 billion people, whose extraordinary 20-year economic rise has been built first and foremost on the backs of low-priced workers — the game has changed. In the past decade, real wages for manufacturing workers in China have grown nearly 12% per year. The hourly cost advantage, while still significant [comparing to the West], is shrinking rapidly. The changing economics of Made in China will benefit both the rich and poor world. Countries like Cambodia, Laos, India and Vietnam are picking up some of the cheapest labor manufacturing left by the Chinese. And there is already evidence of at least the beginning of a shift in manufacturing operations returning to the U.S. Perhaps we will soon stop picking at "Made in China" but instead complaining "Made in Vietnam/Cambodia", while serving the flood of Chinese tourists stocking up brand-name merchandises on US tours and Chinese students paying high tuitions to our cash-strapped universities.

Submission + - Will Capped Data Plans Kill The Cloud?

theodp writes: With the introduction of its Chromebook, Google is betting big on the Cloud. As is Apple, with its iCloud initiative. So too are Netflix and Skype. Unfortunately, their very existence is threatened by data-capping carriers, who seem hell-bent to make sure that the network is NOT the computer. 'I don't know what the solution is,' writes David Pogue. 'I don't know if anyone's thinking about this. But there are big changes coming. There are big forces about to shape our lives online. And at the moment, they're on a direct collision course.'

Submission + - LulzSec members revealed by "LulzSec Exposed"? (

mlauzon writes: "The antics by LulzSec over the past few weeks may have attracted a bit too much attention, at least for those involved in the group. Their veil of anonymity and fearlessness may be finally crumbling. Some unidentified individuals are taking matters into their own hands, feeding LulzSec a taste of their own medicine — revealing the identities of (suspected) LulzSec members to the world.

A new blog, LulzSec Exposed, began its first day on Blogspot with a mountain of IRC chat logs and personal information for a handful of LulzSec members: Kayla, BarretBrown, Joepie, Nakomis, and Topiary. Of these persons, Topiary admitted to being part of LulzSec via their official Twitter page. Three of these persons are from the United States, while one is from Sweden and one from the Netherlands. Mr. Brown has also contributed to various publications, including the Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Amongst the blog posts, there is also evidence that suggests some of the LulzSec members used to be part of Anonymous, based on similar IRC nicknames they use.

LulzSec has, not surprisingly, mocked the accuracy of the posted information. Despite that, the confident public face they put on while revealing their exploits on their site and in explaining their antics may be one giant facade, as members are being extra cautious thanks to the extra scrutiny they now face from the general public and authorities alike."


Submission + - Android mod community lashes back at closed phones (

Daneurysm writes: Ever since this story, which claims the bootloader of the upcoming HTC Evo3D smart phone is crypto-signed, appeared this morning the modding and developer community in the Evo3D forum at has been in an uproar. Staging protests on Twitter, HTC's face book page, HTC's own community forum and countless message boards. HTC has supposedly made a statement claiming to have their bootloader policy under review. With over 1000 people joining the facebook protest an hour I'm curious to see where this goes.

Comment Re:Nostalgia never made sense to me (Score 1) 204

I remember having a modem directory where I had procomm, pcplus, telix, telemate and MTE.

I remember that telemate was the best (protocol selection, external protocols, text/notepad windows, dos window, etc....but I used MTE 'cuz it gave me fake MNP-5, the data compression/error correction(MTE = MNP Terminal emulator) 1200 and 2400bps it made a difference....I forget which v.32/42 or "bis" protocol that gut tells me v.32.

I had two favorite initialization for my telecom program and one for my BBS....I remember ATX0DT being at the begining of everything for dialing... AT, attention, X0...I think that has something to do with the 'hook' setting....I think that made it keep from putting the speaker off hook until the handshake and connection were all finalized and you got your "CONNECT 2400" or whatever your string was....but I'm probably wrong. Been a while. As for my BBS initialization string, who effin' knows, I remember it being epic in length and detail.

Good times, for certain. Seems like a couple lifetimes away by now, though.

Comment lawn...get off it...etc... (Score 1) 204

Yeah, it's cool. Yeah, it is reminiscent of my first years on "the net." But it isn't terribly impressive, I had a similar faux OS matrix-login coded in Telegard/Renegade menu files.

While it is geeky and kinda cool the appeal is limited. Anyone who isn't already familiar with this will not understand what is going on at all. Anyone who is already familiar won't be impressed.

I hate to piss on parades as I appreciate and encourage anything like this...maybe I'm just getting old.

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