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Submission + - LulzSec members revealed by "LulzSec Exposed"? (

mlauzon writes: "The antics by LulzSec over the past few weeks may have attracted a bit too much attention, at least for those involved in the group. Their veil of anonymity and fearlessness may be finally crumbling. Some unidentified individuals are taking matters into their own hands, feeding LulzSec a taste of their own medicine — revealing the identities of (suspected) LulzSec members to the world.

A new blog, LulzSec Exposed, began its first day on Blogspot with a mountain of IRC chat logs and personal information for a handful of LulzSec members: Kayla, BarretBrown, Joepie, Nakomis, and Topiary. Of these persons, Topiary admitted to being part of LulzSec via their official Twitter page. Three of these persons are from the United States, while one is from Sweden and one from the Netherlands. Mr. Brown has also contributed to various publications, including the Huffington Post and The Guardian.

Amongst the blog posts, there is also evidence that suggests some of the LulzSec members used to be part of Anonymous, based on similar IRC nicknames they use.

LulzSec has, not surprisingly, mocked the accuracy of the posted information. Despite that, the confident public face they put on while revealing their exploits on their site and in explaining their antics may be one giant facade, as members are being extra cautious thanks to the extra scrutiny they now face from the general public and authorities alike."


Submission + - Android mod community lashes back at closed phones (

Daneurysm writes: Ever since this story, which claims the bootloader of the upcoming HTC Evo3D smart phone is crypto-signed, appeared this morning the modding and developer community in the Evo3D forum at has been in an uproar. Staging protests on Twitter, HTC's face book page, HTC's own community forum and countless message boards. HTC has supposedly made a statement claiming to have their bootloader policy under review. With over 1000 people joining the facebook protest an hour I'm curious to see where this goes.

Comment Re:Nostalgia never made sense to me (Score 1) 204

I remember having a modem directory where I had procomm, pcplus, telix, telemate and MTE.

I remember that telemate was the best (protocol selection, external protocols, text/notepad windows, dos window, etc....but I used MTE 'cuz it gave me fake MNP-5, the data compression/error correction(MTE = MNP Terminal emulator) 1200 and 2400bps it made a difference....I forget which v.32/42 or "bis" protocol that gut tells me v.32.

I had two favorite initialization for my telecom program and one for my BBS....I remember ATX0DT being at the begining of everything for dialing... AT, attention, X0...I think that has something to do with the 'hook' setting....I think that made it keep from putting the speaker off hook until the handshake and connection were all finalized and you got your "CONNECT 2400" or whatever your string was....but I'm probably wrong. Been a while. As for my BBS initialization string, who effin' knows, I remember it being epic in length and detail.

Good times, for certain. Seems like a couple lifetimes away by now, though.

Comment lawn...get off it...etc... (Score 1) 204

Yeah, it's cool. Yeah, it is reminiscent of my first years on "the net." But it isn't terribly impressive, I had a similar faux OS matrix-login coded in Telegard/Renegade menu files.

While it is geeky and kinda cool the appeal is limited. Anyone who isn't already familiar with this will not understand what is going on at all. Anyone who is already familiar won't be impressed.

I hate to piss on parades as I appreciate and encourage anything like this...maybe I'm just getting old.

Comment Everybody calm down... (Score 4, Interesting) 262

It's almost comical seeing the conspiracy theories in some of these comments.

While on one hand they are totally stretching their good will with the open source community which they benefit from, the most obvious reason is detailed in the submitters comments. Occam's razor, etc etc etc.

As someone who spends much time hanging out on the XDA developer forums I can promise that the second that source gets released within hours every popular Android handset out there will have a ROM ready for flashing...There are rips from different model/brand/language/era/device type/etc available for deconstruction and flashing for nearly every Android device out there. Being the curious geek that I am I try nearly all of them (before going back to CM every time)...and most of them have just as wonky a user experience as can be expected.

Seeing as how Honeycomb is intended primarily (or even exclusively) for tablets I'd imagine it's UI elements (among other things) are absolutely not going to be the best implementation available for 3-4" screens.

While this is clearly not the best sign of good will towards the open source community, I'm sure the source will be out once something newer is out for the modders and developers to play with...Having the absolutely latest version (no matter how many points are in the version number) is like crack to some of these people. They forget all about Honeycomb with Ice Cream available...

Seems more like a whole lot of people at Google never considered this until it was too late...hopefully this lights a fire under their asses to get Ice Cream out quicker to unify the platform.

Comment ...not so bad of an idea... (Score 2) 343

I've thought about it...and at first I thought it was really dumb and going too far. However, upon further consideration I would certainly enjoy the smidge of screen real estate it would afford me. I would also like the further immersion it could provide to websites without the constant reminder that you are on some site on the internet. I also think that a simple key dedicated to calling the out-of-the-way address bar to attention would be useless windows key on every keyboard in my house.

Of course I would prefer this be optional and would expect that if I were to hover over a page element I would still get the file name and/or location/url etc.

Though as someone else mentioned I'm a huge fan of Opera because I can make all of this happen already if I want to....and I think that's why it's roughly only me and that guy using Opera.

Wii 2 Unlikely For 2011, Maybe In 2012 303

An anonymous reader writes "As discussed on Slashdot earlier this year, the lack of a next-generation Wii may be hurting Nintendo. That doesn't seem to concern the company's US chief, Reggie Fils-Aime, who said this week that a Wii 2 might not appear until 2012. He wants to sell a few million more consoles before a successor is launched. So, no Wii 2 for 2010 or 2011 — meanwhile, the PS3 and Xbox consoles get motion control support and other content enhancements. What does that mean for the success of Nintendo's gaming console business? Has the innovator been out-innovated due to a sluggish product roadmap?"

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