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Comment Re:Give it a few months... (Score 2) 190

And if more ISP's jump on the 2-week "band-waggon" you'll quickly see one of the next "Defence Appropriations Bill" (or something like that) have a little addition sneaked in by someone in Homeland Security to legally require ISP's to hold 12 months of Logs/Emails.

If the US passes a bill requiring ISP's to retain the data it would mean that their data (US Congress) would also be retained and possibly be subject to FOIA requests. I doubt that many in Washington DC want their data held for any longer than it takes to complete the http request.

Comment Re:Poetic Justice (Score 4, Funny) 1116

I thought they would just complete the sale, install Stuxnet, re-wrap the unit, and wish them a nice day...

Nice try, but it's a well known fact that the Stuxnet iPad app is still stuck in the app review process. Soon it will have to be recalled so it can be made compatible with iOS 6 and then resubmitted. I'm sure if they had made it a paid app rather than a free app the review process would have gone smoother. /sarcasm

Comment Re:Whats the problem (Score 1) 404

The main issue is that this video is not an accurate depiction of lab work. It's an idiotic thing that would have been a great 80s music video.

But that video is an accurate depiction of the science of marketing. Sexist, misleading, uninformative, and attention grabbing (even if it is of the wrong reasons).

Comment Re:No good news in that (Score 1) 350

I love how you don't include RIM.

That was an oversight on my part. It's just so easy to overlook them these days. I'd like to see RIM recover and produce a new product that's successful (and use a completely different marketing company).

What you actually meant to say is we need competition from more than two companies. Whether or not MS succeeds is irrelevant. The fact that Google could emerge as power player late in the mobile market is an example that other companies can compete.

Yes, more than two is important, though the mobile pie is big enough for four, five or more companies. Too many will simply lead to consolidation with users being orphaned, but there is still room for new ideas and products from anyone who wants to take their shot.

Comment Re:No good news in that (Score 0) 350

A lot of Apple fans and MS haters may be tempted to cheer, but the loss of 10,000 jobs in this economy means 10,000 families whose lives will been up-ended and that sucks no matter what phone you're rooting for.

It's a bit presumptuous to say people are rooting for Nokia employees to lose their jobs or for the company to close down. Yes, there are plenty of MS haters, and they aren't all Apple fans. Personally, I want Apple, Android & MS to succeed in the mobile market because it drives competition and development. Nokia slipping away doesn't do anything to force the others to continue to be innovative or creative.

Queue the replies from people wanting MS to suffer at the expense of Nokia employees and those who will declare that <insert name of company here> hasn't innovated in [year/ever].

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Funny) 203

Sue the Government. Might not work, but there is no reason why they can't be sued.

Yes [ ] - I would like to sue the US Government, endure a lifetime of tax audits, have my life turned upside-down & inside-out by the FBI, lose my job and family, and be laughed out of court by a Federal Judge for seeking reasonable redress for the bad acts of my government.
No [ ] - I was only filling out this form as part of a high school civics assignment.

Comment Re:Some very interesting issues (Score 3, Insightful) 203

I would like to see what happens if Iran decided to extradite some U.S.A. citizen involved in Flame or Stuxnet, what would this look like?? Whats the difference? The money and power of U.S.A.?

Parent is not 'flamebait' - it's a legitimate question. The answer is Yes, it's our money and power. The US government throws its weight around to get US friendly (or US business friendly) laws & treaties passed around the world. It's a byproduct of being a superpower and having a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The globe is an international chess match between a slowly changing group of players. As long as we dole out influence, aid and weapons we will be seen and be treated differently than most countries.

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