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Comment Re:Not Necessarily Related To Sales (Score 2) 413

Tim Sweeney (of Epic Games) stated (before the price reduction) Vive is outselling Rift 2:1. Since UE4 is used in many VR games he would have access various data like royalty figures to make a pretty educated guess.

Valve's hardware survey results also reflect similar trend.

There are independent firms also tracking sales that seem to agree with these figures. Palmer disputes them he doesn't really give any specific evidence.

Comment Re:Why is this surprising? (Score 1) 413

All new technology is a toy at first.

Early computers didn't have much use to the average person. It took time to develop a good OS, UI, and software that the average person found useful.

VR is very much like early computers. The potential is there and it's only a matter of time before the hardware and software has value to a wider audience.

Comment Re:Doesn't work well with glasses (Score 1) 413

Vive has space for glasses. You can also purchase prescription lens to put in the HMD so you don't have to wear glasses at all.

The bulky HMDs aren't going to be a problem much longer as we'll no doubt move to using light fields instead of lens+screen solutions. Here is a prototype from 2013 that is already quite small in size compared to our current HMDs. LThey also have many other benefits like allowing you eye to focus at various depths which can't be achieved with a single lens+screen.

Comment Re:Why is this surprising? (Score 1) 413

The 3D TV analogy is a poor one.

VR offers a completely new medium where 3D TV does not. A better analogy would be: VR is to 2D computing as video is to radio. Yes, you can tell a story on the radio but there are obvious limitations compared to video. Video offers a higher bandwidth than radio and VR offers higher bandwidth than 2D computing.

Screenwriters aren't doing anything drastically different when they write a script for a 3D experience. In fact I seriously doubt there are more than a handful of films that are written with 3D in mind at the screenplay level. The vast majority of 3D content is shot in 2D and converted to 3D in post production. 3D content offers any real value over it's 2D counterpart because it is being developed using the same methods as it's 2D counter part.

VR offers plenty of value over traditional 2D computing and we are just starting to develop the input devices and user interfaces o do it effectively. Sure, we can port 2D software into VR but it's not a simple process. There are things that work on a traditional 2D computer screen don't work in VR. People literally get sick when you try to use some of these methods that work on 2D screens. Software being written for VR requires you to have VR in mind from the start.

Comment Re:Well that settles that (Score 1) 161

The reason they elected to not include the basic functionality to backup your own saved game files is because it's a huge security risk. A very common exploit to root a console is to use a modified saved game file to inject your own code. Nintendo probably weighed the pro and cons and decided the risk was too high. I'm sure they'll implement cloud storage if the backlash is great enough since it's not exactly cheap to do.

Comment Re:Vive owner's thoughts on Rift vs Vive (Score 1) 141

I haven't used the PSVR but from what I've heard despite being lower resolution it doesn't have the noticeable screen door effect that the Rift/Vive does. I believe it's because the display panel using a RGB layout instead of a Pentile one for the subpixel arrangement. The aliasing absolutely is a resolution issue but supersampling really helps reduce it. Rumor has it that LG is developing a VR specific display for their upcoming headset that will significantly reduce these issues.

Comment Re:Depends what you want (Score 1) 141

The Vive strap isn't the most ideal way to distribute it's weight across your face and head. There are a decent number of reports where in the middle of longer sessions (hour+) people find it gets quite uncomfortable. I've never experienced that much discomfort but I did replace the strap as it had a tendency to allow the headset to slip a bit. However, after replacing it with the welding mask mod ( ) I realized just how much more comfortable it can be with a better strap. The PSVR is probably the most comfortable HMD right now with Rift coming in a close second.

Comment Re:Vive owner's thoughts on Rift vs Vive (Score 1) 141

DK2? I never tried one so I don't know how different they are to the consumer versions but...

The resolution on the DK2 is 960 x 1080 per eye where the CV1 (Rift you buy at the store) is 1080 x 1200 as is the Vive. There is definitely room to improve on the optics but if you look with your head instead of your eyes you generally stay in the sweet spot and won't have distortion issues.

Aliasing issues from low resolution can be mitigated quite a bit by supersampling too.

LG demoed their HMD at GDC and they are upping the resolution another small jump over the Rift/Vive. They didn't announce final specs though just that the prototype they had there was 1440x1280 per eye. It sounds like they're developing a screen specifically for their HMD so it's not a repurposed from a phone and will be two distinct panels instead of one shared by both eyes. In Gabe Newell's latest interviews he mentioned how this is a big step because there are lots of sacrifices made by being forced to use existing phone displays to keep costs down.

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