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Comment Re:outbound loop... (Score 1) 16

If we are going to make additional forays into the Oort cloud, then we are going to need more fuel for the RTGs to power them.

Most use Pu 238, which is in relatively short supply. There is a current proposal to use Am (Americenium) on an interstellar probe, but I do not know if they even have a working model yet

Comment Re:Ooops, misread the headline (Score 2) 457

When Alpha was introduced they laid out thirty years of growth for the platform, primarily because they designed for the long run. When HP was replacing Alpha with Itanium, they had to suppress Alpha benchmarks because it made their 'enterprise' chip look like the garbage that it was

FWIW all RISC chips sucked at integer division, to quote:
"When integer multiplication is cheaper than integer division, it is beneficial to substitute a multiplication for a division."

Comment Re:Ooops, misread the headline (Score 4, Informative) 457

Yes, I had a couple of Sparc Stations in the 90's and admined SunOS and Solaris on those and some enterprise server systems, but

Fuck Sun, they favored proprietary server systems that lined their sales-reps' pockets with cash while the world changed around them and then sold all of their knowledge lock stock and barrel to Oracle, simply because Oracle users were their largest remaining customer base

I feel the same way about DEC, who flushed thirty years of Alpha architectural superiority down the drain because they couldn't sell their way out of a wet paper sack

We get what we deserve because we let the free market reign supreme where the most cut throated business-people win and the rest go down the drain

Comment Re:Good for experiments, not powerplant ready (Score 1) 337

1. The nuclear plant that I live downwind from is in the US, regulated by the NRC and not used for experiments at the whims of bureaucrats

2. It is nowhere near a seaside (or even an active fault zone) where an earthquake could cause a tsunami to foul its diesel generator fuel supply

Comment Re:Good for experiments, not powerplant ready (Score 2) 337

Hanford is a military processing facility, it does not store commercial nuclear waste

Currently commercial nuclear waste is stored on-site, until a national repository can get through all of the legal hoops that it has been forced to jump through

The constant lawsuits against the national repository has limited the amount of safety available for waste storage, but it is still much safer than living downwind of a coal power plant

I notice that you post a lot of opinion about nuclear power, you are either a magnificent troll, or horribly misinformed

Comment Re:Good for experiments, not powerplant ready (Score 1) 337

I do not know where you are getting those costs, but here:

Coal comes up about 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of gas turbine

This is using LCOE, which takes into account the entire lifecycle of the fuel source

The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) is a measure of a power source which attempts to compare different methods of electricity generation on a comparable basis. It is an economic assessment of the average total cost to build and operate a power-generating asset over its lifetime divided by the total power output of the asset over that lifetime. The LCOE can also be regarded as the cost at which electricity must be generated in order to break-even over the lifetime of the project.

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