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Comment Re:No dinner for Andre. (Score 1) 201

It's more like... "no longer enforced at the federal level". But yeah, that still sucks. And it sucks for Europe as well because you're currently reading text that was served to you from the United States.

The lack of Net Neutrality rules in the US probably won't affect tier 1 or tier 2 ISPs however. They don't really have a business case to deny carriage to anyone. And besides which if that ever were the case, sites could simply pack up and move their hosting to some other first world country outside the US.

However, even if for some reason Slashdot was being disadvantaged by the lack of NN rules in the US and for some reason didn't feel like moving their hosting to outside the US, it would hardly be some great loss. It isn't as if some other company can't setup shop and provide me text from outside the US instead. Indeed, /. could move their hosting to Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver tomorrow, and chances are nobody would notice any difference.


Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 231

Well, it highly depends on where you live, doesn't it? For example: there is probably no laptop you could use on a table in a bistrot in Paris. Allotted space is tiny: One barely has place to move between the tables. Fortunately, I don't live in Paris and most places I go give ample space.

It just confirms that different people are in different situations and as such have different needs. My needs are covered in my situation with an X220. Yours are not. It just means you will have to make different trade-offs than me.

Comment Cheap Chinese (Score 1) 231

I got myself a Chuwi Hi10 Plus. Wait until you get a "sale" that suits you. (On Gearbest, everything is always on sale... you just need to wait until the "sale" matches your desires. Also, read very carefully whether the keyboard is included or not.) I got mine for 154.20€, including the keyboard.

It is basically a Surface knock-off for cheap. Is it as good as a Surface? Hell fuck no! However, for that price, I'm not going to complain. Cherry Trail Atom quad core, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage, 1920x1280 touchscreen and a valid Windows 10 license. It's no speed demon, but for casual surfing, the occasional text editing, it suffices. For that price, I'm not going to complain.

I don't really like the keyboard, but as an alternative there is the Chuwi Hi10 Pro. I don't have one, but the keyboard definitely looks better, and it seems identical except for being a bit smaller and having only "1920x1200".

Again, for the price, these 2 in 1 tablets are great. Keep in mind: this being a Cherry Trail Atom, you're not going to run Linux on it. I only found out about that after buying it.

Comment Re:This idiot is their own stated problem. (Score 1) 201

For people with intermittent or unexistent connectivity, ISP-free mesh networks with moderate but consistent speeds become quite attractive. Facebook and Google are desperate for getting an early grip of those four billion people, e.g. through and Project Loon. However, because their middlemen businesses are tethered to the internet, all of these projects require the old hierarchical structures of ISPs and cables.

What I'd like to now is where is this place in the world where people typically own smartphones, but who don't have any sort of Internet connectivity?

I have little doubt there are parts of the world where people have dumbphones with no Internet connectivity (North Korea?), but I don't think there is anywhere on this globe where there is a major area filled with people saying "well, I paid a bunch to get this amazing smartphone, but I can't use any of its features because there are no options for Internet access. Why did I buy this thing again?"


Comment Re:No dinner for Andre. (Score 3, Interesting) 201

Well, Google controls how most people find things on the web and a browser that controls how they see it.

But when it comes to search, there is no real vendor lock-in. Don't like Google's search? Think they are blocking relevant results? You can use DuckDuckGo, or Bing, or Yahoo. And you can change right now, as there is no search lock-in.

Amazon hosts a large percentage of web sites through AWS.

Citation needed. They are hardly the only hosting service out there; they aren't doing anything you can't replicate through some other provider, like Google, Microsoft, or any number of smaller regional players. If they don't want to host your site, you have options.

Facebook is the dominant social network where people communicate with each other.

The massive user bases of WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, iMessage, Skype, and Google Hangouts (never mind old-school SMS) would seem to show that users have a lot of options in the user-to-user communication space. While wildly popular, I'm having a hard time seeing what service Facebook provides that you can't get elsewhere should you choose.

Now that Net Neutrality is dead, ISPs now can control who goes over those pipes. The concern is real.

Net Neutrality is only dead in the United States. The world is a damn big place outside the US. I would agree there is a real concern that inside the US there are some real concerns that the tier 3 access providers may start picking winners and losers, but outside the US that's only the situation in countries with tight Internet control, such as China or North Korea.


Comment Re: My personal challenge (Score 1) 112

Interesting. I'll look deeper into it. I'd really like something 100% standardized and available to everyone. This might indeed be an intermediate step. Best would be that something like the IEEE or the GSM consortium, define a Internet based "Text" system that is open and interoperable. I know, wishful thinking.

Comment Re: My personal challenge (Score 2) 112

Closing my Facebook account would be very challenging indeed. That won't happen unless I manage to migrate all users away from Messenger. The most likely candidates would be Skype or Hangouts, both of which are not open and proprietary. XMPP has been killed and is only used by nerds. Such a shame. I've told people to send me SMS instead, but somehow that doesn't stick. (For all intents and purposes, SMS are included in all plans. The main issue would be international SMS being hit 'n miss)

The lock in of Messenger is real. Most people don't even like Messenger, but they use it any way. A bit like Microsoft Windows, really ;-)

Comment What about standard compliance? (Score 1) 157

Performance as a metric doesn't tell me squat on its own, as it's pretty damn easy to have better performance by ignoring standards compliance, and Microsoft doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to fully complying to web standards.

I'm sure that elinks renders even faster than Edge, but that fact on its own isn't all that helpful if you expect ECMAScript and full CSS support.


Comment Re:Same Ol' Argument... (Score 4, Insightful) 424

First of all, it is dew point, not 'due point'. Second, climate is weather trends over decades. One weather event that is outside of the norm, regardless of how many standard deviations, is not climate. It might become a data point that in time can point to a change in overall climate, but you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

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