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Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

From the article you linked to;

The report, ‘Unsettled Belonging: Britain’s Muslim Communities’, finds they broadly share the same views as the rest of the population. Despite the greater religiosity and social conservatism of British Muslims, their life-styles are largely secular with only limited interest in sharia finance or separate religious education. However, the report also highlights a mentality of victimhood in Muslim communities and a belief in conspiracy theories about 9/11.

and from the article it references, first two sentence of the foreword;

Britain’s Muslims are amongst the country’s most loyal, patriotic and law-abiding citizens. The truth of this is confirmed by the polling that sits at the heart of this report.

I still not sure this squares with the figures or impression given. As to victimhood and conspiracy theories, I don't think you need to be a Muslim to be be subject to these!

Comment It always needed to go to the Supreme Court (Score 1) 609

The government have said that they intend to appeal to the Supreme Court, who will hear the case in December.

In the end, it doesn't particularly matter which way the Supreme Court decides, as long as they make a decision. What worried me was that May could invoke Article 50 using Royal Prerogative, and then have that overturned - once invoked. This way, whenever Article 50 is invoked, we know it has legal force in the UK (as there is no court beyond the Supreme Court).

Of course, if the Supreme Court upholds the High Court ruling, then there would have to be a vote in Parliament. As someone who voted Remain, I still expect our MPs to follow the 'Will of the People' and vote for Brexit. However, what I also expect them to debate and decide is what type of Brexit we're in for; Soft, Hard, or somewhere in between. That needs to be known at the start of negotiations, not at the end.

Comment Re:Or stay on LTS (Score 1) 78

I migrated from Mint LMDE (which was getting stale) to 16.04, and intend to stay there. I'll upgrade when 18.04.1 comes out. The few things for which I need the latest versions (Java JDK, VirtualBox) I upgrade separately anyway.

(I originally left Ubuntu for Mint due to horror stories about Unity. To be honest, after using 16.04, I've now got used to it).

Comment Re:Is LibreOffice any good? (Score 1) 137

To answer your final question, LibreOffice is good. I've been using it for years. Admittedly before the fork I was using OpenOffice (before the fork), but switched to LibreOffice once it seemed it was actually going to be staying around.

That said, there are some compatibility issues with Microsoft Office, especially around PowerPoint, although these issues seem to be being addressed with each release. However, for personal use, I find it more than adequate.

Perhaps give it a try - it's free (gratis) as well as free (libre)!

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