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Comment Resources for learning (Score 1) 193 really. Teach a man to fish and all that. Some of the best resources can be found at the local library for learning this stuff, as well as community colleges. On one hand, it helps that they are willing to learn this stuff - but on the other hand, it helps that they understand that you're not necessarily going to be available 24/7 for their needs.

Comment Re: tricks: Vaccum, wash the keboard, load linux. (Score 1) 508

Then installing Linux [...] will give them a modern, supported, OS with a good and easy to use word processor (Open Office) for free.

OpenOffice is dead.
LibreOffice is the better Office clone.
(I don't understand why so many students torrent MSOffice when they could get LO legally for free.)

Comment You know... (Score 1) 545

It's interesting. I've been to many customer sites in the last few years and every one has macbooks. There was one rogue windows lenovo user. I'm sure that here are many windows users and in fact while talking to out customers they have boo koo (s) amount of windows users but it seems that always the admins/managers have macbooks. Always. again, Always. In fact, I can't even remember If I have ever seen WIndows 8.1. Maybe at a best buy?

Comment Onions have layers...shells have layers? (Score 1) 176

So, lemme see if I have this right.

This is a new take on a shell.

...which is run from within my editor of choice, emacs.

...which I run in a shell.

...which I run from an xterm, which I spawn in the gui.

Or, maybe, I run it in a browser.

...which I spawn from an icon in Gnome.

I'm not seeing how this is a Good Thing.

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