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Comment Re:Epic fail (Score 1) 253

You don't use Google? You don't use Twitter? You don't use Facebook? Honestly, the web is evolving towards applications. And the truth behind applications is that they need to run some code on the client side. You may not like it, but with or without this new technology, there will be probably few sites which will work without JS code running on the client in a few years.

Comment Re:Wt (Score 3, Informative) 253

You're the debian packager for Wt, so you must know Wt much better than I do. However, both projects are very different and you should probably have a real look at Opa before popping up on every story about Opa (followed by another comment by someone else saying the link was useful, history repeats ;). Opa is high-level language for writing web apps. Wt is a toolkit for writing web components in C++. There is an order of magnitude between the length of application code in Opa and in Wt. Wt handles everything as strings and does not perform any verification on the soundness of the application -- it's a way simpler project. But on the other hand it is useful to add a web touch to existing C++ desktop apps.

Submission + - Announcing Opa: Making web programming transparent (

phy_si_kal writes: Opa, a new opensource programming language aiming to make web development transparent has been publicly launched.
Opa automatically generates client-side Javascript and handles communication and session control.
The ultimate goal of this project is to allow writing distributed web applications using a single programming language to code application logics, database queries and user interfaces.

Among existing applications already developed in Opa, some are worth a look.
Best place to start is the project homepage which contains extensive documentation while the code of the technology is on GitHub. A programming challenge ends October 17th.

Comment Maybe try something new (Score 1) 152

Opa is a recently released open source technology that mixes together front-end and back-end code. See Also, there are packages for MacOSX, which is probably your environment ;) If you can try it, I'm really curious about how easy it is for a non-programmer to learn this kind of programming language.

Submission + - Opa: new web development platform (

koper writes: "Opa is a new generation of web development platform. It is a new programming language, a new web server, a new database and a new distributed execution engine, all of them tightly integrated to provide a great experience for web developers. Few days ago it became open-source.

Why should you care about yet another language? There are few things that make Opa stand out from the crowd:
  • it's a language targeted at the web;
  • it puts lots of emphasis on security;
  • it's a one-stop solution; you write in Opa and it generates for you: the client-side code (JavaScript), database queries, all the glue code etc.
  • scalability won't be a problem: your app is distributed and cloud-ready right from the start.

Curious? Sounds too good to be true? Check out Opa's homepage or my blog for more info.

Disclaimer: I am working on Opa at MLstate."


Submission + - Learning Programming in a Post-BASIC World ( 5

ErichTheRed writes: This Computerworld piece actually got me thinking — it basically says that there are few good "starter languages" to get students interested in programming. I remember hacking away at BASIC incessantly when I was a kid, and it taught me a lot about logic and computers in general. Has the level of abstraction in computer systems reached a point where beginners can't just code something quick without a huge amount of back-story? I find this to be the case now; scripting languages are good, but limited in what you can do...and GUI creation requires students to be familiar with a lot of concepts (event handling, etc.) that aren't intuitive for beginners. What would you show a beginner first — JavaScript? Python? How do you get the instant gratification we oldies got when sitting down in front of the early-80s home computers?

Submission + - Tesla will discontinue the Roadster ( 3

Attila Dimedici writes: Tesla has announced that their business model has failed. Their basic idea was to sell a boutique electric car to fund the development of a regular consumer electric car. With this announcement they are saying that they did not sell enough of the Roadster to make producing it profitable. If that is the case, it is only a matter of time until Tesla closes its doors. I think this is a shame because I thought their approach was the most likely to create a successful fully electronic car. Although it is possible that the technology they have developed will allow the existing car companies to develop successful fully electronic cars, it is a shame that Tesla has failed to become a successful car manufacturer.

Submission + - Is iCloud Music Match a Trap! (

InnovATIONS writes: By its nature iCloud Music Match must scan your computer and send personally identifiable information regarding your music files. That would appear to be just what Apple, or the RIAA, would need to detect people with illegal copies.

Submission + - A major new project hits github

phy_si_kal writes: Opa source code has just hit github!
This new programming language makes tierless web applications and webservices. It basically means that the project is a complete rewrite of the whole server stack and that it does not rely on any existing web server or database server: Web applications are compiled into standalone servers, that can run on bare linux distributions.
Opa is a single programming language for both the server and the client, as the compiler generates Javascript code for the client side and automates the calls between the two.
Event-based programming is natively supported (20 LoCs for a webchat) as well as distribution (1 shell command to run on many servers).
Packages, documentation and standard library browser live there.

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