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Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 488

Well, to be fair the Win7 version almost works. It comes SO close to working properly. But Spotlight on the Mac is an actual killer feature, and I won't even consider another OS as my daily system unless it has at least as good a search, preview, and document opening/application starting system as Spotlight. It's not a COOL feature, but unbelievably useful. I work with a lot of documents, Spotlight is indispensable.

Windows is trying, Linux is trying (Ubuntu's Lenses), and that is excellent. But they both have far to go.

Comment Tom Swift (Score 4, Informative) 726

the Tom Swift books are pretty fun for kids. Crazy airplanes, spaceships, submarines, and all kinds of weird things. The books will make YOU cringe a little (not the best prose in the world and sometimes quite tacky) but may spark the imagination of a child.

Hardcore sci-fi can start being interesting soon, but most of that does not get REALLY interesting until the children become old enough to read between the lines and see the actual point of the stories. At least a little. Books such as Animal Farm (okay, not sci-fi, but bear with me) are often seen as boring by children who haven't trained themselves to read books and understand the point. Most hardcore sci-fi isn't about robots, but rather about the human condition. Choose something simpler that really is about robots to begin with. The rest comes when the children start exploring by themselves.

Comment Re:List of Reasons he choose different programs (Score 1) 47

Would mod parent up, good summary of the salient points of the article.

I have the same question re: browser selection.
I've used Opera, which allows the user to make custom viewing modes and switch between "author mode" and "user mode" (User defined mode or a selection of predefined style sheets) at the touch of a button.

Comment As the 'merkins say... (Score 1) 714

Freedom isn't free!

This is the cost of protecting our free speech rights, and protecting free speech worldwide. As soon as we make a system that really gives us all a chance to exercise free speech there will be some abuse of that system. It's inevitable.
We must then use other methods to catch these offenders because the encryption of the free speech mechanism will always be evolved to stay one step ahead of those who wish to break it. And I hope that anyone distributing CP gets caught, but not at the cost of sacrificing anyone else's freedom; that would punish the innocent.

Comment Re:sexism (Score 1) 687

I really shouldn't be responding to such a weak bit of trolling, but here goes.

Aftershave companies are selling SEX APPEAL. That is the actual thing that they're selling.

When you're trying to sell anything you need to take into account what you're actually selling and to whom you're selling it. If the product is a new tablet computer or an integrated graphics card, and the customers are mostly executives with an 80/20 male female spread then you don't want your marketing strategy to alienate 20% of your customers from the get go.

Comment Re:sexism (Score 5, Insightful) 687

As I said (lower in my first comment), the COMPANIES should stop this because it is disrespectful to women, and in particular it's disrespectful to women in tech (those are the women who might want to go to tech trade shows, right?)

I have no sympathy for women who choose to get paid for being decorations. That's who the article is about.
The article SHOULD really focus on: "WTF is going on? It's 2012 and big tech companies still act like a horny teen boy. WTF?"

Comment sexism (Score 5, Insightful) 687

I'm sorry.These women take jobs that are sexist (their job is to arouse the customer and link sexiness and sensuality to some plastic product that isn't really sexy at all) by some sexist companies and then get ogled by the people who are supposed to ogle them.

No. Sympathy. At. All.

While I don't agree with the whole concept of booth babes (I would prefer having real people from the companies instead of models. Not scantily clad, just real people who know the product) it is very hard to sympathise with those who choose to take part in it. They knew what the job was about when they took it. If I take a job that entails wearing a Borat style Mankini then I know I will be the subject of stares (not for the same reasons as these women, but still, my crotch will garner some stares) and then it's my own stupidity to blame if I'm unhappy about being stared at...

But, again. Stupid companies. Stop using booth babes. It makes the industry look adolescent in nature, and is disrespectful to all women, and even more disrespectful to women in tech.
THIS kind of attitude is why many of us geeks can't get a date.. change it!

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 0) 289

Consensual sex involved protection from STDs and pregnancy (i.e. a condom). The accusation is that he surreptitiously slipped of the condom without informing his partner. Anything that happened after that would not have been a part of the consensual sex act. He (allegedly) hid his actions.
As someone pointed out there are different words available for rape here, and they signify different levels of violence and different levels of seriousness. All of them translate to rape in English (as far as I know)

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 0) 289

yes he was.
He was accused of hiding his actions during intercourse, thereby performing a non-consensual sexual act upon another person. That is considered rape here in Sweden. Simple.

The sex would have been consensual had he done as he promised. As he broke his agreement then the consensual part of the intercourse no longer applied.

Comment Magic (Score 1) 345

The problem, as I see it, is that the non-tech savvy have already realised that computers are just machines and fail all the time (just like any other extremely complex piece of machinery).
What many people fail to grasp is that a GPS is also just a computer (and thereby a machine). People seem to view it as "the magic map box that was invented at Hogwarts", and view the underlying technology as being satellites that sense where you are and feed you the right picture. Heck, they even talk about "the Google satellites".. and TV shows aren't helping

This is just a basic misunderstanding of what the technology is, and that leads to this insane blind trust.
People don't know that the GPS isn't actually talking to a satellite, and that the maps are just pictures made by someone and loaded onto the device.

The people here at /. are a bit more tech savvy than the average person, and we actually care about this stuff. Most people don't. They just want their HogwartsBox to tell them where to go in the voice of Professor Snape (okay, so do we, but we know how it's done and that the limitations are...)

Comment Re:Venerated as a demi-god (Score 1) 206

Well, he was building and designing his own electronics by the age of ten (before he met Woz. This is the reason he and Woz met) so I wouldn't say that he had no ability (in the realm of tech). As a design chief and a business manager he was a genius (otherwise all the other companies would be as successful as Apple)

Comment Re:Steve WHO? (Score 2) 206

No, but Jobs was quite competent technically. When he referred to himself as being "not that technical" he was comparing himself to people like Woz. The two met precisely because they were building the same sort of electronics at home.

Jobs was better at electronics than most of us here on /.
Woz was a good amongst men when it came to electronics..

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