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Comment Re:Badger? (Score 1) 112

You mentioned buyer's remorse. I am willing to correct this by purchasing the replacement hardware that you recommend for the following requirements:

Let's say I want to buy a subnotebook computer (a laptop with a 10.1 to 11.6 inch display) to run HTML5 vector animations, GCC, and Wine applications inside GNU/Linux. (Wine requires x86 or x86-64 architecture.) I also want WLAN, Bluetooth, audio, and suspend to work. Which subnotebook computer brand is any good nowadays?

Comment I've got VLC running on X on my Xubuntu box (Score 1) 408

Form an industry group to tell VLC that you want Linux versions.

I don't see the problem. I thought VideoLAN was already putting out both GNU/Linux and Android versions of VLC media player.

sudo apt install vlc

Get estimate of how long it will take X to be rewritten to run on Linux.

Xubuntu already includes X Window System in the default install.

Comment ERROR: Headline too long (Score 1) 60

Headlines are limited in length. Abbreviating "2 Billion" to "2B" saves seven characters that can be used elsewhere. Otherwise, the headline gets chopped off:

2B Pages On Web Now Use Google's AMP, Pages Now Load Twice As Fast
2 Billion Pages On Web Now Use Google's AMP, Pages Now Load Twice

It's the same reason Slashdot users use "M$" in comment subjects: to save seven characters off "Microsoft" while recalling Microsoft's history as a publisher of BASIC interpreters.

10 M$ = "Microsoft"
20 PRINT M$;" introduces Edge"

Comment Other than Animate, what converts FLA to HTML5? (Score 1) 112

their ads

Who said ads? On sites such as Newgrounds, Albino Blacksheep, and Dagobah, the SWF is the primary work that the viewer has chosen to view.

Even Adobe is telling people to convert to HTML5

it requires authors to [...] start renting Adobe Animate in Creative Cloud.

Why would encouraging them to write [things] in HTML5 require them to use specific software?

Because as far as I am aware, only said "specific software" is capable of converting the author's existing FLA source file to an HTML5 canvas animation. Otherwise, the author would have to remake the vector animation or game from scratch. Or what package other than Adobe Animate can convert FLA to something modern?

Comment Re:Many sites still use it (Score 1) 112

"Default" yes, "only" no.

At the top of National Weather Service's radar pages is a link "Go to Standard Version". NWS refers to the animated GIF as "Standard Version" and the Flash animation as "Enhanced Version". For example, "standard" radar for IWX (Northern Indiana) looks like this: no terrain layer but still usable for many.

Comment Re:Mozilla (Score 1) 112

Adobe itself supports CreateJS and publishes to HTML5 in Adobe Animate

Which stops working after a month even if you pay for it.

Adobe could also take it a step further and produce a WebAssembly build of Flash player to support old Flash junk that the authors are too lazy to convert to HTML5.

But that wouldn't make Adobe money. Instead of letting authors convert works made with used copies of Flash, Adobe wants to lock authors into a Creative Cloud rental agreement.

Comment sudo: Bad command or file name (Score 1) 112

sudo apt-get upgrade

"sudo" is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

(Translation: Windows UAC doesn't appear to support running an elevated Command Prompt as a subshell in a non-elevated Command Prompt window.)

And to answer your next question: Some people continue to run Windows because they've found that GNU/Linux doesn't fully support the chipset of their laptop.

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