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Comment Re:Service Workers enable offline mode (Score 1) 355

With very rare exceptions most native development is in a virtual machine language or is in a language that is compile-able on multiple systems.

Just because a language is "compile-able" doesn't mean that the developer has a copy of a cross-development toolchain targeting a particular platform and a device of that platform on which to test it. For example, a developer without a Mac and an iPad isn't going to be porting his app to iPad, and a developer without a Windows license isn't going to be porting his app to Windows PCs. You might end up facing a screen like this:

Download .deb for Ubuntu (x86-64)
Install on Google Play Store | Install on F-Droid | Download .apk
Source code
View repository on GitHub
Back our crowdfunding campaign
Back our crowdfunding campaign
Back our crowdfunding campaign
PlayStation 4
Back our crowdfunding campaign
Xbox One
Back our crowdfunding campaign
Nintendo Switch
Back our crowdfunding campaign

In theory, it'd be possible to choose an application distributed as free software, download the application's source code, cross-compile it for execution on your own device, troubleshoot and fix any inadvertent reliance on platform-specific behaviors of the library (be they implementation-defined, unspecified, or undefined), send a pull request to the application's maintainer, and respond to subsequent issues filed by users of your port to that platform. But in practice, what fraction of users are willing to become the port maintainer for a particular application on a particular platform just to use the application?

I'm not even sure the last time I saw a native app not crossplatform (iOS/Android or Mac/Windows).

Xcode is Mac exclusive, the game Tiny Wings is iOS exclusive, and Safari in which to test a web application's compatibility with Safari is exclusive to Mac and iOS. Or do you want a third-party, non-game example on each?

Comment Painful to move insertion point or insert HTML (Score 1) 222

for a paragraph or two, a phone is fine.

When I compose a paragraph such as this one, I don't necessarily enter the words in the order that I intend them to be read. I go back and forth, using Ctrl+left and Ctrl+right to move backward and forward in what I'm writing. I have found moving the insertion point with Android's touch screen input to be an exercise in frustration. I also find it frustrating with Android's touch screen input to select text to copy for an inline quotation and place the insertion point to paste them. Having the parts of an HTML or BBCode closing tag such as </em> or [/quote] spread across three different pages of the on-screen keyboard is also painful, as well as turning href into great or beef when I'm trying to enter an <a> element because autocorrect can't tell markup from prose.

Work emails sometimes involve longer responses and when I have to use a laptop I do.

You are correct that I had work email in mind, be it my day job or free software projects' mailing lists, not noreply@ things like purchase receipts.

Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean are far easier to input for some people using a finger as opposed to a keyboard system.

I can see your point for logographic languages like Chinese and Japanese. But Korean hangul is an alphabet, theoretically just as amenable to keyboard entry as the Latin letters in which English is written.

Comment Proof of concept (Score 2) 184

As I understand it, EME provides a controlled interface to a Content Decryption Module (CDM). A CDM can obfuscate only audio and video decoding and output, not any process whose output the script can directly monitor. If you have a proof of concept of Monero mining in a well-known CDM, such as Widevine, Primetime, or PlayReady, I'd like to see it.

Comment Once sites like that fill search results (Score 5, Informative) 184

I'd never go back to that site.

So how will you deal with the frustration when you find that the majority of the top ten results from a particular web search query come from that site and others like it? It becomes tedious to add a dozen or more -site:domain.example terms to every single query. Google Search used to allow blacklisting a domain, but this feature has since been permanently discontinued. I found some promising browser extensions for users of Google Search on select desktop browsers:

Google Chrome for desktop
Personal Blocklist
Firefox 56 or later
Personal Blocklist (not by Google)
Firefox 52 ESR or Firefox 56
Hide Unwanted Results of Google Search

But what works for Chrome for Android, Edge, or Safari? Or for DuckDuckGo or Bing?

Comment Re:Service Workers enable offline mode (Score 1) 355

Why would users be required to own multiple platforms? If someone actually needs to use an application that is exclusive to a platform, they should own that one.

Because the user needs to use one application exclusive to one platform and a second application exclusive to a different one.

By "native", I mean compiled for the platform it's being run on, rather than interpreted or pseudo-interpreted, such as with Javascript, etc.

In other words, developers ought to build apps in Qt/C++ to target all five major client platforms, correct?

Comment Re:Builders vs Buyers (Score 1) 222

building a computer has become extremely simple. [...] Building a computer nowadays is a matter of just plugging things together. If you can plug a cartridge into a game console, you can build a modern PC.

I haven't seen (in person) anyone who built his own laptop from a "barebook".

Nobody is talking about assembling a laptop, but I'm sure you thought you had a point.

My point is that a commentator who thinks everyone ought to build a PC instead of buying one needs to start remembering to toss "desktop" in the post in order to ensure readers that he or she didn't forget about those users who have a valid reason to use a laptop, such as use while riding public transit. I've actually found that the assumption that all PCs are desktops to be related to the assumption that all people drive cars.

Comment Re:Service Workers enable offline mode (Score 1) 355

Enjoy your inability to use apps that you find because they were developed as Mac apps and iOS apps instead of web apps.

Or if your primary computer is a Mac:
Enjoy your inability to use apps that you find because they were developed as Windows apps and Android apps instead of web apps.

Comment Re:Service Workers enable offline mode (Score 1) 355

I tend avoid apps that are implemented in cross-platform frameworks for simple quality reasons. Native apps tend to be of higher quality (depending on the engineer who wrote them, of course). Cross-platform frameworks tend to be "least common denominator" kinds of things.

Is it better to require most computer users to purchase, maintain, and carry multiple brands of computer in order to run exclusive applications, each designed for a different brand of computer?

Which widget set is "native" on X11/Linux? Is it GTK+, Qt, or something else? Because both of those are ported to Windows, what makes them any more "native" on X11/Linux than on Windows?

Comment Re: Executable documents... (Score 1) 355

Enjoy not being able to afford high-speed Internet access anymore once your ISP loses the economies of scale to deliver what you wish to view because other subscribers have canceled their Internet subscriptions after seeing that the things they wish to view have vanished from the Internet.

Comment Re:** Mozilla Supports EME ** NEVER FORGET ** (Score 1) 44

Why do you need termination of viewing privileges?

Because the studios charge a greater royalty for a transaction equivalent to a purchase of a DVD than for a transaction equivalent to a rental of a DVD.

Just consider every rental a purchase and be done with it.

A video service offering only purchases would probably fail would because few people are willing to pay $15 to watch a movie.

Stop trying to force outdated business models onto modern tech.

Tell that to the studios.

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