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Comment Re:Service Workers enable offline mode (Score 1) 345

I tend avoid apps that are implemented in cross-platform frameworks for simple quality reasons. Native apps tend to be of higher quality (depending on the engineer who wrote them, of course). Cross-platform frameworks tend to be "least common denominator" kinds of things.

Is it better to require most computer users to purchase, maintain, and carry multiple brands of computer in order to run exclusive applications, each designed for a different brand of computer?

Which widget set is "native" on X11/Linux? Is it GTK+, Qt, or something else? Because both of those are ported to Windows, what makes them any more "native" on X11/Linux than on Windows?

Comment Re: Executable documents... (Score 1) 345

Enjoy not being able to afford high-speed Internet access anymore once your ISP loses the economies of scale to deliver what you wish to view because other subscribers have canceled their Internet subscriptions after seeing that the things they wish to view have vanished from the Internet.

Comment Re:** Mozilla Supports EME ** NEVER FORGET ** (Score 1) 43

Why do you need termination of viewing privileges?

Because the studios charge a greater royalty for a transaction equivalent to a purchase of a DVD than for a transaction equivalent to a rental of a DVD.

Just consider every rental a purchase and be done with it.

A video service offering only purchases would probably fail would because few people are willing to pay $15 to watch a movie.

Stop trying to force outdated business models onto modern tech.

Tell that to the studios.

Comment Accidental Ctrl+Q when reaching for Ctrl+Tab (Score 1) 78

The question must be asked, why are you pressing Ctrl+Q.

Because I am reaching for Ctrl+Tab to switch to the next tab or Ctrl+W to close a tab and missing, instead by accident pressing the key between them.

I think this is a user error.

How would I go about making my copy of Firefox 57 resilient to this sort of error that I have identified?

Comment I blame CAFE (Score 1) 220

The 1974 vehicle you cite is also from the last model year prior to the introduction of government-imposed corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards. So is the decline of station wagons based on lack of demand, or is it based on CAFE forcing automakers to redesignate their larger family vehicles as "trucks", leading to the SUV fad?

Comment "Content consumption" (Score 1) 220

People never liked the x86 PC, but had to have them to use the Internet's content consumption aspects.

A creative work isn't "content" to fill a box, nor is it "consumed" by viewing it. With that out of the way, assuming "content consumption" refers to viewing works made by others:

Once someone finishes viewing works, what device should he use to create other works, such as replying to mail, commenting on news, or drawing his own art? Or perhaps by "content consumption", you were implying that people are content to view works created by others rather than participating in creation. If so, why does this remain the case?

Comment Replying to what you read needs a keyboard (Score 1) 220

my parents got a new laptop only because their last desktop died and only for certain things. They use their tablets/phones for things like checking mail and reading news.

I don't seem to understand the use case for using a phone for those things. To me, checking mail involves replying to mail, and reading news involves commenting on news, as we are doing right now. Using a tablet or phone for that is painful, especially without a Bluetooth keyboard.

Comment PS4 CPU is two Athlon 5150s (Score 1) 220

Most of us already know that gaming engines are compiled and optimized for the most common processor out there. An that is a quad core intel based system.

Since when? I thought the AMD Jaguar processor in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is about the same as a pair of Athlon 5150s, was the most common current-generation x86-64 video gaming processor.

Comment "Content producers" (Score 1) 220

Gamers, content producers, and scientific researchers are really the only fields left to push the boundaries of computational power.

Your use of the term "content producers" causes me a bit of anxiety. Why isn't everyone a participant in our shared culture, or a "content producer" as you call it?

Comment Re:Builders vs Buyers (Score 1) 220

If you can plug a cartridge into a game console, you can build a modern PC.

I can plug an Eskimo Bob or Haunted: Halloween '85 cartridge into a Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck. I even know to use a cotton swab rather than blowing. But I haven't seen (in person) anyone who built his own laptop from a "barebook".

Comment Re:Builders vs Buyers (Score 1) 220

If at some point the build-your-own market no longer exists, will I still be able to buy an off the-shelf machine? If not, will I be able to buy a laptop that I can plug a mouse and a full sized keyboard into? If yes to either of those, I'll be happy. The only scenario I really wouldn't like would be being stuck with some handheld thing and the only input device is a touch screen.

Or if you can buy a "laptop", but it runs a locked-down mobile operating system that behaves as if it were a tablet with a USB keyboard and trackpad plugged into it, or it doesn't run any applications other than a web browser.

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