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Comment Viewer on sofa (Score 1) 257

Often videos will contain text intended for the viewer to read that does not resolve at 480p also

Which videos are those? The most text-heavy videos I watch are tech support scam baiting videos by Lewis's Tech and Each&Everything, and I can make those out comfortably even at 480p. Besides, I thought text needed to be sized for 480p even if only to be readable by a viewer on the sofa across the living room from the TV.

Comment 1.5 Mbps is enough for SD (Score 1) 257

Even 1.5 Mbps is enough for a decent standard-definition stream. To put 1.5 Mbps in perspective: For a long time, the warez scene transcoded DVD movies to 1 CD, which for a 90-minute movie means (700 * 8) / (90 * 60) = 1 Mbps, and that was with Xvid, an MPEG-4 ASP encoder. Nowadays we have AVC and VP8, which provide greater picture quality per bit than ASP.

If you require both high definition and large selection, consider it next time you move.

Comment Re:Not what I expected (Score 1) 257

If it's your own server with your own cert, you can decide for yourself if you want to trust the self signed cert that you created.

Provided that the devices you use allow you to install the root certificate of your private CA, as opposed to "protecting" the user from surreptitious installation of a MITM root by malware.

Comment Platform features not exposed through Java (Score 1) 150

That's true of applications that fit within the constraints of 100% Pure Java. Many do not and must therefore use JNI to access platform features that Oracle has not exposed through the Java standard library. For instance, does Java have native joystick support without a third-party native component such as JInput?

Comment ReactOS uses Wine (Score 1) 150

ReactOS's user environment is Wine. As I understand it, the most significant theoretical advantage of ReactOS over Wine on X11/Linux is ability to run apps that depend on bespoke drivers, such as the client for updating a GPS device, fitness tracker, or iProduct. If Linux supports your hardware, you're probably better off sticking with the more mature operating environment.

Comment VirtualBox extension pack costs $5,000 (Score 1) 150

why not just run Windows in VirtualBox

Because commercial use of the VirtualBox extension pack for more than 30 days requires paying $5,000 to One Rich American Called Larry Ellison. (This breaks down as $50 per user with a minimum order quantity of 100 users.) I'd be interested to read about your workarounds for the missing features of VirtualBox that are provided only by the extension pack.

or something

Three reasons. First, Linux + Wine uses less RAM than Linux + Windows would. If I end up thrashing swap despite having maxed out the RAM in my laptop, I'd have to buy a whole new laptop. Second, a Windows license costs $119.99. Third, Windows 10 snitches on users even when telemetry is set to basic, sending a list of all installed applications and device drivers to the mothership.

Comment Re:Cost per received message (Score 1) 254

the price difference between my pay-as-you-go plan and your unlimited plan is $32 per month or $384 per year. I'm interested to read a good case for how 2FA would be worth that much to me.

Penny wise and pound foolish I would say....

Through this cliche', I assume you are claiming that 2FA is in fact worth the price of receiving a text message every time you log in. I'm interested to read details of your reasoning beyond just this cliche'.

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