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Comment Native applications aren't static (Score 1) 151

Dynamic UI = JavaScript. Anything else is static.

The last time we discussed the pros and cons of JavaScript and WebAssembly, the consensus in the comments appeared to be that people want web pages ought to be static apart from form submission and CSS checkbox hack menus. For dynamic UI, make a native application that users can download, install, and use.

Comment How to track down authors? (Score 2) 151

I assure you that if you had the original .fla, the game would compile to HTML5/JS just fine in Adobe Animate.

What steps would the parent of the child who wants to play the game go about tracking down the author of the file in order to initiate conversion? And whose responsibility would it be to fund a month of access to Creative Cloud for each author whose works are affected?

Or a reasonable facsimile could be recreated.

Provided the author doesn't sue anyone whose "reasonable facsimile" becomes popular.

Comment Re:OMG! (Score 1) 151

HTML V5 is WORSE in every measure, it sucks more resources, uses more CPU cycles, uses a codec that is a minefield of patents

Major web browser engines other than Apple WebKit can play VP8, Vorbis, VP9, and Opus. How are these "a minefield of patents"? SWF can only use Sorenson Spark (similar to ye olde DivX) and MPEG-4 AVC, which is still patented.

has everyone forgotten the fact that DRM is now gonna be baked into browsers just to support HTML V5? I

SWF's strength was vector animations. HTML5 EME affects video, not vector animations.

Comment Re:NO! (Score 1) 384

In addition to my contract jobs from home, I have worked as a W-2 employee for three corporations. All three have been small local businesses. I appear to have made a wise choice based on how endemic denial of essential tools appears to be in large businesses.

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