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Comment Social conservative applications (Score 1) 270

In at least the United States, "conservative" also encompasses social conservatism, which tends to entail being opinionated in a discriminatory way. A conservative application may not support character sets other than US ASCII or user interfaces other than English, discriminating against users from minority cultures. A conservative application may not support screen readers, discriminating against users with vision disabilities.

Comment Only a Mac can run all applications (Score 1) 270

Currently, users understand web sites as ephemeral, as any services they provide can disappear at any time, and like users, developers see them as something they can change at any time. This is very different from conventional standalone programs, where users see them as something they have control over (and can thus trust more), and developers see them as for-pay version upgrades.

Which in turn require for-pay platform upgrades. Want to run this application? Buy a Windows license. Want to run that application? Buy a Mac and put it on a KVM with your existing computer. Want to run all desktop applications without having to carry multiple computers around with you? A MacBook with a Windows 10 license in a virtual machine and GNU/Linux in another virtual machine is your only (legal) option, as only a Mac runs macOS applications.

Comment NES games loaded in 1 second (Score 1) 270

The app is going to take time to load regardless of whether or not there's a splash screen.

Applications for the Family Computer (released as Nintendo Entertainment System outside Japan) loaded in less than 1000 milliseconds, which was more than enough time to decompress 5 KiB of title screen data into video memory. It had a 1.8 MHz processor. Devices nowadays have a processor clocked at closer to 1.8 GHz, which (to slightly oversimplify) is 1000 times as fast as the one in the NES. Why don't applications load in 1 millisecond?

Comment Re:Who uses Safari? (Score 1) 270

It's possible to make JavaScript that's not as bloated as the scripts deployed on some popular websites. But if you deem all JavaScript to be bloat by definition, would you rather have JavaScript or "This native application is available for platforms X, Y, and Z, but not the platform you are using"?

Comment You'd make it illegal to show you the Carfax (Score 1) 124

There would need to be more exceptions than that, or your proposal would end up taking everything related to cars off the web, such as automobile price comparison sites, automobile parts e-commerce sites, do-it-yourself automobile repair reference sites, and automobile insurance claim history sites ("Show me the Carfax").

Comment Re:What are the free replacements? (Score 1) 387

it doesnt have to be the trash micrsofot tries jamming down your throat

I agree. But even if I were able to remove Microsoft trash applications from the operating system in favor of replacement applications, the replacements would also be proprietary software due to the nature of the task the application is expected to perform.

Comment What is Lynx's usage share? (Score 1) 152

Done: Lynx

You are technically correct. Pardon my moving the goalposts, but I had browsers in wide interactive use among English speakers in mind. Wikipedia's article about that browser gives no indication of usage share, and most sources found through Google lynx browser usage share lump it into "Other", which isn't helpful.

Netscape 2.0 also counts

Pardon my moving the goalposts, but I had browsers that still receive security updates in mind. The 2.0 series no longer receives security updates. When Netscape Navigator as a whole ended support, it had become a reskin of Mozilla Firefox, and users were advised to switch to Firefox. But Firefox runs JavaScript without asking and hides the preference not to behind about:config, which in turn is unreachable without a web search.

Comment Re:Native applications aren't static (Score 1) 152

Would the following be an ideal reply?

Can you summarize the problem in under ten words?

Router on, cables connected, but websites give "server not found".

What did you do now?

Restarted PC, router, and modem.

Why did you do that?

ISP phone rep told me last time to do that, saying it'd snap the circuits out of a stuck state.

What did you find when you googled the summarized ten word problem?

"Server not found" on both Google and Bing.

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