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Comment IE6 and no player at all (Score 2) 52

the default should be to use whatever your OS offers up as the default viewer for some MIME type.

So always use the operating system's pack-in browser? For several years, "the default viewer for some MIME type" on the majority of newly purchased PCs for values of "some MIME type" equal to "text/html" was Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. If relying on operating system components known to be deficient were a good practice, we'd be using NetCaptor or other wrappers for Trident and its successor EdgeHTML instead of Firefox and Chrome.

And on stock macOS, Ogg isn't among the containers, and Vorbis isn't among the codecs, that Core Audio can read. This means "the default viewer for some MIME type" for values of "some MIME type" equal to "audio/ogg" raises KeyError.

Comment Who pays for giving people skills to autistics? (Score 1) 163

I've seen quite capable people shown the door because they had poor people skills

How many of them had Asperger's? Poor people skills are often a symptom of this disability, and it often takes more effort to train otherwise high-functioning autistic workers to improve their people skills. Whose responsibility is it to fund this training? Government or industry?

Comment Java is distributed compiled; JavaScript isn't (Score 1) 163

It's not like the compiler keeps that information

It's not like all languages encourage distribution of programs in compiled form either. Programs in Lua, Python, and JavaScript traditionally are distributed in source code or minified form, and minification for Python is less strong because of its use of leading whitespace to mark block boundaries.

Comment Add the devs to adm so they can read logs (Score 1) 491

I'm not sure exactly to what "tools for debugging" you refer. But your operating system ought to be able to give read-only access to the log files to a particular ordinary user account. In GNU/Linux distributions based on Debian, users in the group adm have read privileges throughout /var/log but little else. Think of it as standing for "ADministrative Monitoring".

Comment Re:Because of new "Not Secure" browser messages (Score 1) 234

There should be a first-use activation code that can be used only to set a password and optionally enable SSH. If the device is in a non-default configuration, the first-use code should not be accepted.

How would the owner of a router who has forgotten its password or lost its SSH key regain the use of his property under this scheme?

And what domain would appear in the SAN field of the HTTPS certificate used by its administrative interface?

Comment Re:Why are you running stock firmware on your rout (Score 1) 234

Why do people still run software from router vendors

To save the cost of buying a majority of shares in the router vendor in order to acquire its cryptographic code signing key and access to a relinkable version of the binary blob drivers required by its chipset. And that's assuming the router vendor's stock is even publicly traded. Or, less flippantly, to save the cost of replacing the router whose cryptographic code signing key and chipset driver source code are not available to end users with one whose are.

In addition, to save the cost of having to register and continue to renew the domain corresponding to the HTTPS certificate that the router's administration interface uses. The router vendor issues each router's stock firmware a certificate on a subdomain of the router vendor's domain. A user of custom firmware would have to bring his own fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in order to use Let's Encrypt.

Why is the router asking for a password? It should really be using public-key encryption and/or shared secrets, which are never seen by the user.

A password is a user-visible shared secret. Without a password, how does the owner of a router authenticate himself to the router as having the right to authorize the user authenticated by a particular public key to configure the router?

Comment People who use a minority OS, for one (Score 1) 25

Some users of web applications are users of minority desktop or mobile platforms who are frustrated that developers of native applications lack the resources to port a particular native application to their platform. Other users of web applications are users of curated platforms who are frustrated that their platform's curator has rejected a particular native application.

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