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Comment Whence Windows Media Center? (Score 1) 98

I have both an HDHomerun Prime and a Connect, and the same Windows Media Center can record from either one to disk.

But how would one get Windows Media Center nowadays? New PCs come with Windows 10 Home. Unlike Windows 7, Windows 10 lacks Windows Media Center, and unlike Windows Pro, Windows Home lacks downgrade rights. Do people routinely buy the Pro Anytime Upgrade in order to downgrade to Windows 7 Professional with Windows Media Center?

Or is there another solution for recording from a CableCARD tuner to a PC?

Comment Re:Such dissonance... (Score 1) 98

"People don't pay for services" probably refers to websites hosting news or editorial text articles. People aren't willing to pay $4 for a month's subscription to each of five websites just to read a single article from each of those sites, and credit card processors charge too much per swipe for a pay-per-page model.

Comment Dumping (Score 1, Interesting) 197

where's the incentive to stay with cable?

Bundle pricing. Some Slashdot users report being quoted a smaller monthly rate for a bundle of basic television and Internet than for Internet alone, even with surcharges for local channels, regional sports, and CableCARD rental. In other words, DOCSIS operators are dumping TV service on their subscribers.

Comment Re:One of the reasons (Score 1) 98

Others have suggested finding a city with a more freedom-friendly incumbent ISP

That's just silly.

Not everybody agrees with you that voting with your feet for a better city with better home Internet access is "just silly". Over the past few years, I've been collecting comments by other Slashdot users who appear willing to move for better home Internet access: here and here.

Comment Re:How does CFW affect the warranty? (Score 1) 182

So just to ensure I understand you correctly: the owner of an x86 Chromebook can back up all data, go to developer mode, enable legacy boot, leave developer mode, and press Ctrl+L to boot a different GNU/Linux OS installed on something like a Cruzer Fit flash drive. Do I have that right? And if so, would the Arch guide work for other Chromebooks and other GNU/Linux distributions?

Comment Quick Disk (Score 1) 103

the fact that Columbus got it wrong doesn't make the name derogatory, only technically incorrect, just like calling a Nintendo cartridge a "tape".

You're right. NES Game Paks aren't tapes; FDS disks are. The Mitsumi Quick Disk mechanism treats the spiral track on each side of a disk as a single rewindable stream of magnetic media.

Comment Re:How does CFW affect the warranty? (Score 1) 182

You can install legacy boot option rom without removing the screw Tepples. :P

Based on the results of a Google search for legacy boot chromebook, such as this and this and this, I'm under the impression that legacy boot can be reached only from developer mode, which we've established is fragile, and it tends to corrupt itself when the battery runs dry. What keywords should I have used to find a guide to setting up legacy boot on Chromebook?

Also, you normally dont need to disassemble the hinge mechanism to get to the screw. It is usually accessible just after removing the back of the clamshell.

That's not the scenario I had in mind. What I had in mind was that the hinge would eventually develop a fault through wear and tear unrelated to the installation of custom firmware, and then a warranty service program trying to minimize costs might notice that the firmware isn't stock and refuse to service the hinge on grounds of having modified the firmware.

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