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Comment Re:Replacing a PlayStation with a personal compute (Score 1) 144

Handheld dedicated video game devices do not allow installation of game mods because they are not personal computers.
Handheld personal computers do not come with joysticks because they are not dedicated video game devices.
I have never seen a handheld personal computer with a separately purchased joystick in use in public.

If someone prefers to play games with mods instead of vanilla games, which handheld platform should he choose?

Comment Which "newer OS" not compromised by ad industry? (Score 1) 197

Is Apple the only laptop maker whose products 1. run "a newer OS" that isn't designed as one huge tracking device for the advertisement industry and 2. are in U.S. electronics showroom chains? Because for years, I haven't seen any GNU/Linux laptops in showrooms near me; it's just Windows 10 and macOS.

Until then, Windows 7 receives "extended support" (security updates) until 2020.

Comment Tabs for offline reading (Score 1) 197

If the browser is running short on memory, then why not just discard a few tabs until they're selected again? There's absolutely nothing stopping the browser from doing that.

Say a user navigates to an HTML document on his laptop, closes the lid, boards a city bus in a city whose buses do not provide Wi-Fi, opens the lid, and switches to the document's tab. If the browser has discarded the document for later reloading, the browser will attempt to reload the document, fail because there is no Internet connection, and show "You are offline" instead of the document. This defeats the purpose of having loaded the document in a tab in the first place. And browsers on tablets have an annoying habit of doing this often.

Comment Re:Am I the only one having problems with Facebook (Score 1) 197

but I permit facebook stuff to load

May I ask why? Why in the blazes a reasonable person would ever allow anything Facebook to load (assuming you're not paid for pushing crap there)?

If you have a family member who insists on still using Facebook, most of the blockers can be configured to allow it through on a single site (like facebook.com directly),

Slowwwww down thar, jack. I'm only allowing facebook crap to load on facebook, and I didn't say otherwise. I perhaps wasn't clear, but making assumptions is half-cocked.

Comment Re:I have zero. (Score 1) 151

If sufficient numbers of people felt that way, Pepsi would take out annoying ads "supporting" Coca-cola (provided local laws allowed it).

To the best of my understanding, which I admit is limited, that's illegal. My understanding is that you can only use your competitors' trademarks for the explicit purpose of comparison or critique. Maybe a lawyer or someone who's actually bothered to read the law could comment :p

Comment Re:If only Qualcomm had integrity like Intel (Score 2) 49

Don't forget blocking Nvidia from making chipets for Intel chips thus driving Nvidia out of the motherboard business, rigging benches with ICC, and large payments to several gaming companies to get them to use ICC to compile their games. I'm personally betting for their next trick now that Threadripper is tearing them a new asshole they will release a "super cripple" ICC that will make Ryzen chips perform worse than Netburst, after all nobody has bothered asking whether the games Intel is supposedly beating Ryzen with are compiled with ICC, wanna bet that they are?

If there was ever a company that needed to be broken up because of illegal market rigging? Its Intel, they make Gates era MSFT look like it was run by the Care Bears. How the CEO of Intel didn't end up in prison only shows that there is one set of laws for rich people and one set for poor.

Comment Am I the only one having problems with Facebook? (Score 0) 197

I know it's quite hip to tell everyone how much you despise Facebook, but we've all heard it already. Anyway, Facebook kicks Firefox's ass multiple times a day, and I'm not even running Social Fixer or Fb Purity or whatever the weekly fix facebook extension might be. I am however running noscript and ublock origin, but I permit facebook stuff to load and mostly I'm just blocking google syndication on their site. Mostly the site works fine, and then I scroll down and mouse over a comment field or something and Firefox just locks up hard. Sometimes if I am quick I can ^W the tab and it will go away and the rest of the browser will come back.

I haven't tried Fb in Chrome, which I try not to use unless a site absolutely doesn't work in Firefox, but it sure is kicking Firefox's ass.

Comment Re:I have zero. (Score 4, Insightful) 151

I literally don't care about your ads. I'll mute them the second they come on. And if I remember an ad, I go out of my way to NOT purchase their product.

Well, to be fair, that's a kind of caring. It's just not the kind they want. I feel precisely the same way. Anyone who shits on my mind with an advertising jingle or some pictures of fake food passed off as something they're selling deserves only my contempt, not my dollars.

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