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Comment Re:This is a shame (Score 1) 322

It's my sincere hope the courses stay, despite the disappearance of the AP test. I look the A exam in it's final year as C++ as a Junior, and got a 5. Of course, being the A exam, it was not good for credit even at my state college. But the content they taught there carried well into Computer Science 251 (which, by then, was Java) course. It was easily the most informative course I took through all of High School. In fact, since then, learning Scheme was the only useful exercise I've do in generic computer science. It took working with MVCs in web development to get the full usefulness of objects. Using them purely for organization never conveyed their purpose. AP as a test, in general, is not really worth the effort. The curriculum is far past anything I ever experienced in the equivalent college course, schools are loathe to hand out credit on the tests. The courses should stay, and just relabel them Honors. Losing the test is no great loss.

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