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Comment Re:Concurrency? (Score 1) 173

they have no mutable variables in the usual sense ... You can't do this in C or Java because it might be necessary for one function to see a variable modified by another.

I think the key word here is "might".

Nothing prevents a C compiler from figuring out "int foo(int a) { return a + 2; }" is pure. In fact gcc can do this to some extent; the relevant compiler flag (enabled by default w/optimization) is "-fipa-pure-const".

gcc also lets you specify the attribute 'const' to declare that a function is pure (in the sense that we're using it here).

Sure, it's coarse, and an afterthought, but it's also flexible.

Comment Re:It's their own fault (Score 2, Interesting) 420

Well, maybe both.

Yes I probably wouldn't enjoy being on a site that went on and on about "Windows Rocks/Linux Sucks" (as much as this site does the reverse, anyway).

But that kind of rhetoric is not really why I read this site. As an example, I found the (apparently) 1st-person accounts about air traffic and ATC procedures yesterday to be one of the most informative and entertaining bits I've read in awhile.

Slashdot has (more than?) its fair share of trolls, and troll articles, but there is (sometimes) a depth here that I haven't really found anywhere else yet; and that includes your local newspaper.

Comment Re:Version Control Systems all have one thing (Score 1) 268

I used ClearCase at my previous job, and the mode of use you mentioned, while interesting (files could change in your source tree as others checked in code, I believe), was impractical for me. Building out of one of those directories was like building out of an NFS-mounted directory ... an order of magnitude slower, too slow to be usable.

ClearCase also supported the typical 'check your workspace ("view"?) out to a local place on your hard drive, rebase it occasionally, make your changes, and check it in' model, and that seemed to work fine.

And yes we had a full-time administrator for the system. Would've been suicide not to.

Comment Re:And if you don't like marshmallows? (Score 1) 105

Well, let's pretend for a moment that the scientists didn't take that into account. If I didn't like something I might actually eat it just to get the experiment over with so I could get out of there and go play with some toys or something. I might hold out for a marshmellow, they're so-so. But if, for example, you gave me a peppermint (which I don't like) ... I would probably give it a "what is the point" look and then eat it.

I mean, the reward for waiting actually needs to be worth something.

Comment Re:Thottle Capability (Score 1) 341

And for my own personal use, I'd love to be able to throttle a dos 6.22 VM to 486 speeds so some of those ancient programs can be ran for historical purposes. (Without bombing the processor with dummy NOP and other MOSLO crap so we keep our power consumption down.)

I assume you've checked out DosBox and its 'cycles' configuration option/command? It's not precise but it works quite well for me.

Comment Re:Amazing Article (Score 1) 96

I'm not trying to badmouth him, it's amazing that he does what he does, but it isn't immediately obvious why he carries so much respect.

The site at least (anandtech) gets respect because from them, articles of this quality level are not perceived as a fluke.

Merely as an example, if this had come from Tom's Hardware, I would have been floored.

Comment Re:Warning (Score 1) 877

You do realize that at the end of the world, no one's going to care if you put out a new beta of your new Robocode robot, even if it is unbeatable.

Some of us think it's funny you had to actually link to robocode to call out a nerd. Only nerds make jokes they have to explain.

The rest of us are busy optimizing our movement strategy routines for the next beta.

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