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Comment Re: Corruption of vegatarian/vegan philosophy (Score 1) 409

Some are vegan for health reasons

Then, they still wouldn't want to eat meat (as ignorant as that is).
    And, as we all know, processed food (and that's what this is) is always better than natural. *rolls eyes*

Some are vegan for the environment

It's still not clear that laboratories manufacturing "meat" on a large scale would be any better for the environment. The labs may claim it is, but that does not make it so.

Most are vegan because they are against killing animals that feel pain

Not just killing -- harming. Tell me, where did the seed tissue for growing this "meat" come from? Some animal had to be harmed along the way to enable this manufacturing process.

Comment Too big (Score 1) 174

I have a OnePlus X, and it's the perfect size. Best phone I ever had (except for the Nokia 8290 and the Moto SLVR L7). Running LineageOS on it, and I love it. The only thing it's missing is NFC, which, I mean... comeon.

But this thing, just like most of the "flag ship" phones out there, is just too damned big.

Comment _Official_ communication? (Score 1) 322

President Trump's frequent, unfiltered use of his personal Twitter account as a means of official communication is unprecedented.

Why are his tweets deemed official? They're from the President, and many of them are tactless, Jimmy Kimmel fodder. But, he's not using Twitter to issue instructions to his cabinet. This is his personal account, and it's no more official than any other Twitter account.

Comment Pollutant? (Score 0) 465

If we want to talk about pollutants, how about concerning ourselves with actual, cancer causing particulates? I live in the Salt Lake valley and every winter, as we're surrounded by mountains and like in a kind-of bowl, we experience periods of "inversion" where pollutants are trapped in the air in the valley. Studies have shown that much of these pollutants (actual pollutants) come from China, of all places.

Sure, let's reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But, I'm more concerns with pollutants.

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