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Comment Re:Stopped reading after the first line. (Score 1) 124

Jimmy may only be one person out of one million people named Jimmy. So makes up one millionth of all Jimmys.

Right. And with Kimmel, Fallon, Carter, and John (mmm, just had a JJ sandwich for lunch: #11 on wheat with cucumbers and sauce.), you have reason to believe that your Jimmy is not the only one. This would make the statement of your Jimmy being the tallest an absurd one.

The life on our planet is the only life known to us. It's reasonable to suspect there is other life and, possibly, more complex brains as well, simply because the universe is BIG. But, we have no information available to us that provides for anything more than mere speculation. So, until we do, the human brain is perhaps the most complex machine in the universe ... a very reasonable statement, and no reason for the OP to whine.

Comment Re:Stopped reading after the first line. (Score 1) 124

It's all about scale and sample size. In your example, you have a sample size of 1. In the summary's statement about the human brain, we have a sample size of X, where X is the number of complex machines that we're (human kind) aware of in the known universe, and X is significantly larger than 1.

This is the purpose of the usage of 'perhaps', which etymologically means by chance. The writer is, based on knowledge to date, willing to wager that the human brain is the most complex machine in the universe. He or she is not stating this as fact -- merely submitting it as a possibility. Since it is the most complex machine known to human kind, this is as correct as saying "one of the most", and more correct than saying "perhaps one of the most".

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