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Comment Re:symbols, caps, numbers (Score 2) 549

Aldermore: a bank!

They ask for e.g. first, third and fifth characters of a password that must be between eight and twelve alphanumeric characters, and the dropdowns to make the selection are lower case only.

This means they're storing the password unhashed, at best locally encrypted but decrypted to check the user login. Once past that, the second and final step of the login is to answer one of five questions as previously stored.

Comment Shazam! (Score 1) 504

On my 4S, iOS8 is a bit slower and choppier but not to the point of getting in the way. Siri's "what song is this" feature is so magical, it makes up for the degradations IMO.

Comment move to Venus (Score 3, Interesting) 113

The maximum SPL on Earth is a trifling 193dB: the point at which the negative peak of the compression wave is a total vacuum.

Move to Venus with its 90atm ambient "air" pressure, and you could get up to 233dB!

Seriously, if you live near me and like thumping bass in your car, move there now! Ignore all that propaganda about high temperatures and acid rain... 233dB!!!

Comment Young Earth Creationism Considered Harmful (Score 1) 1293

I'm a Christian. It seems reasonable to me that the current thinking of the age of the universe (~14 billion years) and the earth (~4 billion years) is correct. It seems reasonable to me that the evolutionary theory is at least mostly correct. I believe God created everything, and this does not contradict the prior statements.

I really dislike young earth creationists expounding their views publicly. It gives people the false impression that one cannot be a Christian without thinking the Earth is 6017 years old, or whatever figure they're on these days.

That's not the point. Just as Pope Francis has recently expounded that the Catholics should concentrate on the love, mercy and salvation aspects of the Gospels rather than the continual harping on about homosexuality, birth control and abortion, so Christians in general should concentrate on the key message rather than getting swept up in an argument that is more likely to turn people away.

Sure, if you want to believe an alternate view of the age of the stuff around you, go for it, but please don't condemn others to missing out on their salvation by your stubborness.

Rant over. The Lord bless you and keep you all. :)

Comment Re:Bad guys (Score 1) 115

Tracking down radio-frequency sources, especially low-altitude, low-power, mobile transmitters, is not so easy. Just look at the equipment and infrastructure used by the British to track the RF signal emitted by TVs (for licensing fees/penalties)

They used gullibility, which is much cheaper. There never were any functional TV detector vans.

Comment OpenDNS (Score 3, Interesting) 390

Of course a complete block would be impossible. What's needed is something like OpenDNS. I use it for my home network, with (in)appropriate categories blocked. This means it's far less likely the kids will stumble across (in a few years' time, read "successfully search for") anything we'd rather they didn't see.

The router acts as a DNS forwarder for OpenDNS's servers, and it blocks outgoing port 53 requests from machines on the LAN. This stops anyone configuring their own DNS server to get around my block.

This is by no means infallible: a proxy, a DNS server not on port 53, an external online IP address lookup - all of these will get around it. My intent is to reduce the likelihood of inappropriate material making it onto the LAN.

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