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Comment Re:The advertisers (Score 1) 262

Because it wouldn' tbe comfortable and convenient. It took almost 30 years to have people adjust to wearing their seatbelts as "inconvenience". (even with the fear of being fined for it and strong campaigning like they do now with using a cellphone while driving.)

Why would you get into a flame-resistive, full helmet and four point harness for you and your family every time you drive to the grocery store or commute to work ? You would find it hilariously inconvenient.

People DO however on motorcycles.

People DO however on bikes: 10 years ago, people didn't wear helmets on bikes. Right now where I live, everybody growing up with a "helmet for bikers campaign" and over-concerned parents forcing it on their children are now riding around (also as young adults) with a helmet. I don't see the use as I BMX-ed like a crazy free child in the woods and Mountainbiked through airbagless jungles of cities as a teen without dieing and brushing myself off after crashing; my concepts are "this is ridiculous", yet now 90% of bikers in traffic are wearing helmets.

Comment Re:The advertisers (Score 2) 262

It's part of that. But also that it started as markettability: "car x is safer as car y so if you care about your life, you but car x".

Later this got put into law (Health insurance costs, disabilities, people being taken out of workforce, political popularity: "He cares abour our safety", people who care about the lives of those who don't care and could drive reckless, ...) and later insurance companies who need to insure for less injury or death (and those who stay behind like women and children without a "caregiver" in the few traditional homes left). And as you point out the safety of other drivers who get impacted of your driving stupidity (crash impact).

And perhaps some personal motivations of people in the entire line of history losing someone left or right in an accident and "wanting to prevent the preventable".

I don't think these things are in place out of selfish reasons, nor a conspirist undertone, nor are a form of "silencing the people" or "taking responsability away"; it's an organic process of many linked and related people trying to do good (wether that means for themselves or for a higher, personally defined, purpose.) the same way you go to work and do your thing.

It's intelligence of crowds and the current time-spirit. Nothing fancier.

Comment Go cry to your mother (Score 3, Interesting) 262

This is a very good policy to keep up the atmosphere in G+ and not deteriote so a myspace or facebook.

It's another universe, if you want to put up "immature" material, don't go on G+. It's the same as with the Android store or AppStore of IPhone: "you are offered a free platform. But the platform is defined for you. IF you want to express yourself outside of the set boundaries, take your expression onto yourself and your own platforms/tools"

Comment Re:Jeff Goldblum (Score 1) 368

Unless the insect that has a mutated gen isn't reproducing and isn't stimulated or motivated to reproduce anymore.

I suggest we play insect-porn on GM-crop fields. So, if there would be any resistant insect.. We'll, he'd be fapping foreveralone, becoming overweight and dieing of diabetes because of excessive plentyfulness.

Comment Re:Jeff Goldblum (Score 2) 368

Many if not most GM plants are rendered sterile so that you are forced to purchase new seeds

And now I went on to believe that it was to avoid contamination and halt unforseen outcomes. I don't know how to find back this story of modified crops which contaminated the surrounding fields by pollination and they had a situation going on.

Guess I'm still from the generation where "chaos theory" was theoretical and implications of genetic engineering were investigated in SciFi making people cautious about uncertain outcomes compared to the current one where everything is conspiracy or for economical gains.

Comment one word: consistency (Score 5, Informative) 614

I'm developing on both Android and IPhone; started out on Android and now have extended my repetoire to IPhone.

The advantage but also disadvantage with Android is that it's very open-ended. Often you want to get a specific thing done and you end up alot of time bending the API to your will. (Oh tabview, why art though so...) Or bump into the limitations of your architecture and need to rework some things to get it running.(why does it crash on device x when I have two nested frameviews to have this design? Why doesn't it scale well on device y?)

The IPhone API takes more knowledge (how does that delegate call again and what object is stored where and how do I get a refernce to this?) but it's consistent. And the look is consistent. (which shaves up alot of time thinking about the GUI when trying to implement it.)

I'm an avid Android lover but I can appreciate the IPhone API as well.

Comment Re:Develop ? (Score 1) 433

> > > which encourages bacteria to develop new ways of overcoming them.

> > which encourages bacteria to **evolve** new ways of overcoming them.

> which encourages god to design new ways for bacteria of overcoming them.

Which kills the weaklings and singles out the resistants to bread and progressively switch over the population (instead of allowing resistent genes to delude)

Comment Re:Refactor... (Score 5, Informative) 203

Application design (have someone think about everything in broad lines, set out a main architecture-model in ADVANCE.)

Iterative design.

A good project manager prioritizing and communicating current development shielding programmer from clients (who during the "waiting time", are fantasizing changes).

In contrast, in debugging and QA, free way between the client and the developer (more efficient and gives more motivation to the dev as to slave for )

Realistic expectations: don't get your devs running around doing "quick" jobs left and right while they're trying to keep a tight schedule.

Keep everybody current: short standup meeting in the morning

Motivate communication; devs tend to get absorbed in their coding-problem (nd prioritize being "productive") but forget to be a team

The right personality on the right segment of a project: developers have their strengths and their weaknesses.


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