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Comment Re:It's like a catharsis (Score 1) 99

I'd have thought they'd use mild or full hybridization, or even just more advanced actually clean diesels, at least as a transition.

NOBODY will believe VW when they announce they've got a new, clean diesel. In addition, European countries are announcing future, across-the-board bans on diesels, because the soot they produce is so damaging to health and structures. There's no future in diesel cars, and spending any more money on developing a BETTER dead-end technology is foolish. You might as well tell Kodak to make a slightly cheaper film camera, as digital cameras loom large.

Comment Re:So basically (Score 1) 233


Big companies are often not at all joined up and often consider different divisions as competitors, not part of the same company. Quite often large companies are internally highly dysfunctional.

For instance, when I worked for IBM some years ago, we needed a display (basically a standalone monitor) for a system we were selling to an Extremely Large Competitor. IBM made just the display we needed itself, but they would only sell it to us - another IBM division - at full retail price, so we ended up using a competitor's display instead.

Comment Re:Another reason why cash is garbage (Score 1) 453

A sealed container of petrol (gasoline) is not explosive if it is full or nearly so. The fuel/air mixture will be far too rich to combust. For a sealed container to be explosive, it would need to have a somewhere near 15:1 mixture of air to fuel. We generally don't store fuel like that, it would be very inefficient.


Vice President Pence Vows US Astronauts Will Return To the Moon ( 226

Before astronauts go to Mars, they will return to the Moon, Vice President Mike Pence said in a Wall Street Journal op-ed yesterday and in a speech at the National Air and Space Museum today. He touts "humans exploration and discovery" as the new focus of America's space program. This "means establishing a renewed American presence on the moon, a vital strategic goal. And from the foundation of the moon, America will be the first nation to bring mankind to Mars." Engadget reports: There have been two prevailing (and opposing) views when it comes to U.S. endeavors in human spaceflight. One camp maintains that returning to the moon is a mistake. NASA has already been there; it should work hard and set our sights on Mars and beyond. The other feels that Mars is too much of a reach, and that the moon will be easier to achieve in a short time frame. Mars may be a medium-to-long-term goal, but NASA should use the moon as a jumping-off point. It's not surprising that the Trump administration is valuing short-term gains over a longer, more ambitious project. The U.S. will get to Mars eventually, according to Pence, but the moon is where the current focus lies.

Comment As someone who has to administer firewalls... (Score 4, Insightful) 152

...FTP just needs to die. The two port requirement and worse still, people who don't get it still insisiting on 'active' FTP, is a pain in the backside for firewall admins (we had one vendor insist that passive mode was 'insecure' and active mode was somehow 'secure' but after some browbeating and the threat of the wire brush of enlightenment accepted they should use this new fangled "sftp" which didn't have any of the drawbacks of ftp, passive or active).

FTP's day was done over ten years ago.

Comment Re:Just because you can doesn't mean you should... (Score 3, Informative) 350

The thing is this won't be very useful for that kind of thing - far too many false positives.

It's estimated that about 5% of the population is gay. With this thing only having an 81% accuracy rate, this means there will be many more false positives than actual gay people - if you took a room with 100 people in, it would misidentify approximately 19 of the people as the sexual orientation they are not - meaning there would be roughly three times as many people mis-identified as gay than actual gay people. In other words, it's not actually very useful.


El Nino's Absence Is Causing An Active Hurricane Season ( 148

Dan Drollette writes: Contrary to some items making the rounds of the Twitterverse, El Nino's are "Kryptonite for hurricanes." The Mercury News reports: "Irma has ripped a path of misery through the Caribbean and is aiming at Florida, but the first seed for its monster size and force was planted on the other side of the world more than six months ago. It happened innocently enough, when a widely anticipated El Nino failed to materialize over the Pacific Ocean. In time, that cleared a path for a hurricane to form in the Atlantic that grew to the size of the state of New York with winds topping 185 miles per hour. El Nino occurs when the Pacific heats up and flusters the atmosphere, setting off a chain reaction that causes wind shear across the Atlantic. Shear is wind blowing in different directions or speeds at various altitudes, and it can be Kryptonite for hurricanes. As powerful as they are, tropical cyclones have delicate structures. Shear can tear them apart. A budding storm can't get started and an established storm can't get strong."

Comment Re:Every three weeks... (Score 1) 49

This isn't a breakthrough, it's an incremental improvement.

Most of the reports of new battery technologies are also useful - but incremental - improvements. You've probably only been seeing one actual report of an actual breakthrough once a decade. Don't let the breathless press releases fool you.

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