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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How to avoid hiring an American

netbuzz writes: "Keep this video in mind next time someone like Bill Gates complains that they just can't find qualified American workers to fill key tech jobs. "Our goal is clearly not to find a qualified U.S. worker," a marketing executive for a law firm tells his audience. And what's the advice for those employers who fail to achieve that goal and are confronted with a qualified American: "find a legal basis to disqualify them." 1"

Submission + - Father of Sony PlayStation steps down (

djabbour writes: "From the story, "The chief architect of Sony's PlayStation game console stepped down on Tuesday as the Japanese company struggles to defend its dominance in the video game industry and revive its reputation as an electronics pioneer... he departure of Kutaragi, an icon among gamers, marks the end of an era at Sony Corp. that saw the company long dominate the video game industry with its flagship PlayStation consoles.""

Submission + - Microsoft puppets spamming ANSI to support OOXML

zoobab writes: "ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, is publishing on a day to day basis all the comments received on the proposed Microsoft Office OpenXML specification to become an ISO standard. All the recent submissions in support of the Microsoft specification looks very similar to this contribution, and one of the contributor even mentioned that "Even though this is a form letter from Microsoft I thought I would add this personal touch"."
The Internet

W3C Bars Public From Public Conference 169

xk0der writes "Danny Weitzner, one of the W3C's policy directors and event co-chair, repeatedly claimed in a follow up telephone conversation that, by "public," the W3C actually means "closed to the public." Weitzner was the person who personally barred my colleague from entering the conference." The story is worth a read- it's very strange. Personally I think this guy is just vying to replace Tony Snow at the White House.

Submission + - Sanctuary: An example of internet media's future?

mattaw writes: Is Sanctuary for All an example of the way the internet is going to challenge existing media? The future perhaps?

This internet experiment, a proper sc-fi/horror/action/fantasy show, is currently distributed and advertised only via the internet and has gone all out to create and enlist a fanbase via a dedicated website to host fan blogs, fora, fan generated (and officially endorsed) media. They have even suggested fans may be able to influence the show. For example they have provided the theme tune as separate instrumental tracks as an extra and encouraged fan remixes. Sound like a typical network?

Is the internet possibly going to fulfill one of its greatest promises? Interactive mainstream media? Is this the start of fully integrated and responsive media?

Typical network interaction with fans is to ignore them and concentrate blindly on ratings which has resulted in the death of shows such as Firefly that failed to capture the general public's interest while generating huge interest in the sc-fi community. As shows become cheaper to produce are we going to see the obsolescence of the traditional media company?

View the first four episodes for free online via this link.

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