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Comment Re:I'm curious about the facial recognition (Score 1) 224

Hopefully not. Because then all they have to do is beat you senseless, unlock your phone by pointing it at your unconscious face and deactivate the facial recognition feature to take it home.

Gee, and I thought the fingerprint sensor was easy to fool. Had I known Apple would give phone thieves a better feature just one generation later, I wouldn't have invested the effort to develop something.

Uhm, how is this worse than fingerprints? Before this `all you ha[d] to do' was beat you senseless, unlock your phone by using your unconscious finger, and deactivate.

For rather extreme values of 'all they have to do', of course, because this is kind of assault is quite prone to draw the attention of any passers-by.

Comment Re:3x (Score 1, Troll) 224

Apple doesnt appear to realise that you can scale bitmaps to any size, especially on screen way better than most peoples eyes can handle (and with heavy GPUs that can trivially manage complex scaling algorithms) - so their resolutions are usually an exact multiples of the original iPhone.

Scaling is simply not as good as hand-made images for each resolution. Can your eyes handle it? Yes and no. For many people it is noticeable even if they can not express the difference.

You are expected to know this, because not to is blasphemy against the one great fashion.

Expected by whom? Why do you care so much?

Comment Re:Sadly he became a Trumpist in his last days (Score 2) 221

I can make arguments that at least some forms of BASIC are superior to C.

Quite possible, for some application areas. However, the arguments Mr. Pournelle gave for BASIC and against C showed that he did not understand C, and that he was not aware that he did not understand it.

Language holy wars are something that has existed since Grace Hopper created the first compiler.

Yes, but they are only interesting if the arguments are solid; coming as poorly armed as Mr. Pournelle to these wars is just tedious, and tells more about the person than the languages involved.

Comment Re:How is this any worse than domestic propaganda? (Score 1) 266

Sigh. One more time: those are not examples of fake news, they are examples of reporters trying to report the truth and failing.

Fake news is when you tell a deliberate lie. Fake news is not when you make an honest mistake; it is not selective news; it is not spin; it is when you tell a falsehood, a porky pie, a fib, an invention, a deliberate misstatement, disinformation. Donald Trump seems to be easily confused about this term, and many of his followers as well, but it is really not so difficult. Not true and you know it == Fake News.

And how do you say that you don't like a news item? Well, you just say you don't like the news item. I admit it is quite a mouthful in a Twitter message, but hey, that's Twitter for you.

Comment Re:Sadly he became a Trumpist in his last days (Score 4, Interesting) 221

Well, yes and no. He had strong and not always rational views on many things. I still remember him arguing that Basic was a superior language over C. The real reason was that he just did not understand C, but the dizzying logic he used to come up with an alternative explanation for his preference was both scary and entertaining. Similar for his political views: they were a disappointment because they were argued just as poorly.

However, the main reason they were a disappointment was that on many other things he HAD a very rational and well-reasoned view. He knew what he wanted, he was very willing to spend time and money to get what he wanted, and he was very rational about it, on his own terms. That was important at the time as a counterweight to all those lofty ideas about what computers could and could not do, and all the technological geekery that went on in the rest of Byte. Arguing that Byte went downhill because of him is therefore just not reasonable. He was an important feature in Byte, and he had a unique view on the computer world that was important for that world.

Comment Re:First sentence is absurd (Score 1, Insightful) 262

Except they are not increasing in frequency or intensity.

The last few hurricanes have been and still are breaking records all over the place, so how can you reasonably argue that intensity is not increasing? Yes, they may be outliers, but then again, they may be indicating a trend. Confidently declaring that intensities are not increasing does not suggest an open mind on this.

Slashdot should be ashamed of what it's become, click-bait for cultists.

I must assume that you're one of these cultists then, because the article certainly has baited the denialists into clicking and commenting on the article.

Comment Re:Oh, no, Russians! (Score 0) 91

I agree that the campaign donations corrupt the US elections, but I fail to see why you single out Hillary Clinton. Just about every US politician, no matter what side of the isle, and from candidate dog catcher to presidential candidate, needs campaign donations. And yes, it's a real scandal that so much money is pumped into all those elections.

Integrity of a US politician seems to be determined by how much the campaign donations influence their politics. Some of them seem to be pretty clean despite the corrupt system; Sanders seems to be good example of this. Some of them are pretty obviously in the pocket of large donors. I have never seen any concrete evidence that Hillary Clinton is on the corrupt side of this scale.

But yes, taking money out to the US election process seems a pretty obvious thing to do to reduce corruption.

Comment Re:Paper ballots & manual counting fine by me (Score 1) 91

The allure of the paper system is that everyone understands it, not just he high priests of computer technology.

Regarding that ballot stuffing scenario: it is an old trick with many variations, but that's why there are observers in voting stations, preferably from multiple parties in the election.

Comment Re: Any experts who can elaborate on this? (Score 1) 120

Essentially, the very first rule a security neophyte needs to learn is, there is no such thing as "making it harder". There is only possible and not possible.

Making a brute-force search require 10000 centuries on average is just "making it harder", but it is in practice the same as impossible.

Comment Re:What about following the Rust model? (Score 0) 110

Read the quoted paragraph again, and actually put some thought into it this time.

We will exclude you from interaction if you insult, demean or harass anyone.

By excluding people who insult, demean or harass anyone, the Rust community has itself created a socially marginalized group that consists of these people who insult, demean or harass anyone.

In particular, we don’t tolerate behavior that excludes people in socially marginalized groups.

By excluding this socially marginalized group of people that they've created, the Rust community itself inherently violates of its own code of conduct, which says it's unacceptable to exclude people in socially marginalized groups.

The Rust Code of Conduct is so inherently contradictory that merely by following the policies of the Rust Code of Conduct one inherently ends up violating the Rust Code of Conduct!

That's nonsense. You can always choose not to be an asshole.

Comment Re: A government the US lefties want (Score 1) 251

That is no longer an option for liberals or people that want to have their respect. Toe the line or else is the current climate. Simply not showing enough anger and outrage fast enough will get you labeled as a Nazi-sympathizer, misogynist, or racist. It no longer even matters if the subject being discussed is related to those terms.

You want respect? Just come with grownup arguments instead of schoolyard bullshit. No, you don't have to agree with everything; there isn't even general agreement. However, the left is getting extremely tired of all the incessantly repeated bullshit, pretzel logic, and carefully dishonest talking points that are being spouted about climate change, racism, supremacy movements, and the appalling incompetence and corruption of the current US president.

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