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Comment Please tell me what "Desk Job" allows one to sit.. (Score 1, Insightful) 98 less less than 12 minute intervals.  It takes me 5 minutes just to get back "into" my job after getting up for another coffee.  I routinely sit for 55 minutes at a stretch, anything less, and my productivity suffers dramatically.

Comment Re:Yes, of course. (Score 1) 212

Indeed !

My experience is likewise.  Somehow it's more acceptable to say "I hate chemistry" or "I suck at math" than it is to say "I hate sculpting", or "I suck at visual arts".

My lifelong experience of dealing with Liberal Arts majors (anything from Literature to History to Music) is that they are much more one-dimensional, typically significantly less broadly educated, and generally totally naive about some of the more serious aspects of life like:  How not to get ripped off by crappy insurance policies, or endowment mortgages, or even their local plumber, auto repair, or anything else that requires critical and analytical thinking about money.

Similarly they also tend to be much more leftist in their politics to the point of being totally unreasonable about topics like immigration, or taxation, or the other important topics.  It's these people, almost exclusively, shouting for "safe spaces" and such nonsense.

Comment I'm sure money can buy everything in India (Score 1) 287

So I suggest Vinod head back to his homeland if he doesn't like how it works in California.

Otherwise, he needs to learn the California ethos.   I wasn't born there either but spent almost half my life there, particularly my formative years,  so I feel like a Californian.  I  remember what it was like in the 70s and 80s before all the asshats arrived and ruined it.

I'd love to see ithe go back to how it was.  Laid back, easy, slow, mellow.   I really miss California.   It's gone now but it could return if we educate dickheads like Vinod.

Comment It won't be long before... (Score 1) 63

...personal vehicles do this too.

The scenario works like this:

You get in your car (or *a* car), and tell it where you want to go.  Let's say it's a 50+ km journey using a motorway.  Along the way, it's extremely likely that someone else, in another vehicle will be sharing a significant portion of your journey (that's why there's so much traffic on the motorways).  So, each vehicle needs only to advertise its intended course, along the way, at regular intervals, then other cars join in - driving close enough to benefit from decreased wind resistance.  In fact this benefits the lead car too, since such a configuration reduces the lead cars drag.  When each car in the "train" needs to depart the train, it only needs to emit a warning signal a few seconds before hand, then maneuvers out of the train, whereupon the train reforms without that car in.

This has all kind of benefits for the passengers.  Reduced cost, and nose.  Increased safety.  Probably faster journeys too.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 226

Yeah, whomever the "former Facebook engineer" is, is clearly an idiot.

As if the whole point of being alive is to work for some shit company like FB for a very average wage.

Imagine the nerve of those people who work reasonable hours,  and get great pay too.  They're such capaitalists.

Comment Re: Seriously? (Score 2, Interesting) 233

<em>Only a small chunk of the population has the cognitive capacity to learn the stuff and be able to apply it well.</em>
Your sense of self worth is a little inflated.  If you can do it, at least 1% of the population of the planet is capable of it.  You're nowhere near as special as you think.

Comment There is little question for me.. (Score 0) 193

I find Netflix is consistently delivering good quality shows - at least, shows I look forward to watching.

I've really enjoyed :

Better Call Saul
The Patriot
The Bridge (American version)
and a few others that I can't remember the names of right now (too many beers, it's Friday)

The subscription is almost free, and I never pay extra for premium stuff.  It doesn't have commercials, I watch on my schedule, etc, etc..

What's not to like ?

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