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Comment Kind Of Vague (Score 4, Insightful) 547

If you mean purely the process of typing in code, well--that's kind of hard to gauge, isn't it? I've always found that the trial-and-error of development processes means that unless you're working in an orthodox manner it's really hard to separate "thinking" from "doing". Also, I find that when you're in the "zone" it's not painful at all. Sounds like you may be working on something you don't enjoy so much? :D

Comment Re:WPS (Score 1) 432

I think what we're seeing here is IBM's attempt to dust off and leverage all that old work that went into the original OS/2 UI. GNOME and KDE have fought on different fronts but suffer from the usual issue which Open Source software faces: lack of unitary direction; and compelling featuresets. Final salvo in IBM's attempt to co-opt Linux's mindshare? You make the call! :D

New York Jumps Into Open Formats Fray 184

cyrusmack writes "Hot on the heels of the bad news regarding the defeat of all open formats bills, New York has become the latest in an area that has seen a flurry of activity already this year. In the article on InfoWorld, it's pretty clear that this bill is significantly watered down from what other states have attempted to do this year. You can bet Microsoft will be there in force, just as it has been elsewhere."

Comment Re:I call poppycock (Score 1) 62

i agree; and the real issue is getting systems in place that are non-intrusive. Things like email retention are great policy but run up against the myriad things people can do to remove or move them. Obviously, any email should be captured at the SMTP level. What stuck GP as odd is that in a very IT-centric operation, they state they have no policy: big company or no (and I agree with the slovenly and slapped together methods most work with) they are THE IT company. I imagine if this was not done it was again, via inertia rather than pure malice.

Of course by not having the emails, they have not done themselves well cos they cannot prove or disprove the allegation, and in the light of what this evidence provides it comes across a bit as "the dog ate my homework".

In sum: everyone knows a drunk is just gonna have one more. Sympathizing with it is another thing...

Submission + - GM announces new electric vehicle: meet Chevy Volt

savuporo writes: Who killed the Electric Car ? Who cares, its alive again. General Motors has announced a new Chevy Volt at Detroit auto show. Its actually a plug-in serial hybrid, but can go 40 miles on purely electric mode on its lithium-ion battery pack. If driving less than that in a day, you never need to stop at the gas station again.

Submission + - Will Vista make it cheaper to be a gamer ?

rathalian writes: "After spending many a year wrestling home built PCs and working through the inevitable issues seen with increasing performance including heat and noise reduction, I decided to investigate purchasing a 'gaming' laptop. As the salary sacrificing options I have make it very appealing, particulary as I have an IT business that requires some mobility, it was interesting to see how over the last 4 months the online specifications available for laptops is changing fairly rapidly as we have approached Vista's release. Notably the premium that was charged for a laptop containing a 'decent' GPU to play games has dropped sharply. You can now get laptops with Core 2 Duo's, ATI X1700 GPUs and 1 gig of memory for under $2000 (Australian) as these chips are now more mainstream. And why are they more mainstream ? — see Vista GPU requirements for one... A classic example of this has been Dell's site. Previously their 6400 and 9400 Inspiron series of laptops offered the Intel 950, ATI X1400 and in the case of the 9400, the Nvidia 9700GS. Just over a month ago the Intel line was dropped from both the 6400 and the 9400's catalogue and it is standard on the 6400 to get an X1400 at a much lower price than Dell was offering around the end of October 2006. You can now get Toshiba's laptop that includes an Nvidia 7900GTX for $3400 (Australian) which was previously unheard of in a laptop re bang for buck. Now I know that prices change, however there has been a clear surge in the amount of laptops running higher performance GPU's and for a lower cost. So, does this mean that 2007 will mark the year where there is an across the board drop in GPU prices as the higher performance GPU cards become the standard cards in the 'average' PC or laptop due to Vista requirements? What are your thoughts?"

Submission + - The dark history of music copyrights

An anonymous reader writes: Okay, this article is a bit old, but it's a hellava good read and very enlightening about the seedy, shady, underhanded goings-on in the music copyright business. How do you steal a composition from someone and turn it into a megahit? Or claim copyright on centuries-old folk ballads while using an alias for youself? It's mostly the story behind "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", the megahit by the The Tokens in 1961, but there are plenty of side stories that show what happened to that song was not so unusual. Next time you hear the RIAA trying to wrap themselves in the purity of copyright, you'll laugh out loud.
User Journal

Journal Journal: How patents should work

The following is an attempt to improve the patent process by adding competition to it. It is essentially a public test of non-obviousness.

A patent application should be composed of two documents. The first document should say what the invention does. The second document should say how it does it ( or in some cases how the manufacturer made it ). Both documents would be submitted privately to the patent office at the same time.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Could the Wii end up competing against its remote?

StreetStealth writes: Now that the Wii's motion sensing and infrared triangulation have been hacked, intercepted, and utilized by PCs, the Wii's central feature is no longer exclusive to itself. What happens when a platform's revolutionary feature is an accessory that can be easily appropriated by anything with a Bluetooth transceiver? "No Substance / All Eloquence" explores the possibilities.

Submission + - China to go with its own DVD format from 2008

thefickler writes: Chinese DVD manufacturers are pissed, very pissed, because patent licensing fees mean that they don't make much money making DVD players. Now, with the backing of the Chinese government they are launching their own format called EVD that could spell the end of DVD as we know it, according to this story.
The Internet

Submission + - C|NET Editor Kim Found Dead of Exposure

shylock0 writes: Some of us have been following the events over the past week surrounding James Kim, C|NET senior editor who disappeared with his family in a snowstorm. C|NET is reporting that Kim was found dead of exposure, though his family is safe. Many of us remember James' contributions to TechTV, or have read his reviews and other content over the years. He will be missed.
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Journal Journal: Ask the Dotted Circle 7

"Coincidence? I think NOT!"

Where did that phrase come from, originally? What made it so recognizable, popular, and even cliche?

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