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Comment Re:The Free Market at Work (Score 4, Informative) 248

Well expressed. I recently looked into the price of rattlesnake antivenin in the US and was astounded to see it costing up to $10000 per vial. A little searching revealed the cost of production was estimated to be about $14.
Link to an article discussing the costs:

Link to a research paper by the person responsible for creating the antivenin:

Comment Re:I like how you used the MGM Dumb drums in urpos (Score 1) 643

Meanwhile everyone else opted to evolve into somekind of a mouse, and that strikes me oddly as how the Xhristian and Jewish religions cant quite decide if the baby Dgjeshush was an animal (Lamb), or a Goat (Hindu brahman), a worm (Psalm22), a man, or God in the flesh only looking like a man.

Actually, he was one of the Engineers (though perhaps altered so he wasn't 10 feet tall). Humans didn't treat him too well, so they decided their creation was a failure and devised a plague to cleanse the planet of humans, but unfortunately, something went awry and the ship with this plague never left the planet it was developed on. In the future, a ship funded by the Weyland-Yutani corporation will find it...

Comment Re: um... (Score 1) 234

Thus, we do not directly vote for laws or Presidents, we vote for proxies. This clever mechanism ensures that the uninformed majority doesn't elect whack jobs who could inflict grievous harm upon our Nation.

That's been proven wrong by the election of Trump. What you say was certainly the intent, but it's not the actual outcome. I suppose you could argue that without this "clever mechanism", we would have gotten more whack jobs throughout history than we have.

Comment Re:How to embarrass your country in one easy step (Score 1) 52

That machine has no network interface. No ethernet, no bluetooth, no wifi nothing. The data is collected by shutting down the machine and unplugging the memory module. There are 64 buttons to push on the voting machine, and one button in the controller.

It would easier to switch the memory module when it is transported or when it is tabulated. It is as simple as it can be for a machine without paper trail.

Comment getting them signed? (Score 1) 82

What? What difference does it make to get the agreements in writing? They will quibble, file law suits, they will demand to reopen and renegotiate. Anything singed by a city elected official holding a two year term is carved in stone, and they will go to hell and back to wrench every ounce of that written contract. Contracts written and signed by private parties with the government will be litigated, reneged, and reopened all the time. And when all else fails, they transfer all the assets to another corporation and declare bankruptcy.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 0, Troll) 375

Per GWh, even with crazy high safety requirements, nuclear costs about as much as solar. It aint cheap, but you greenies are proposing...... solar. And wind, which can be (a bit) less or (a bit) more expensive per GWh, but takes up 1000 times the space and fluctuates like hell.

And arguably, nuclear could be cheapened a bit if the greenies dropped their unnecessary opposition and NIMBYs were ignored.

Comment Proof (Score 5, Insightful) 375

Proof that democracy doesn't always work. People are morons. There are no "greener sources" than nuclear if you want a decent electricity grid with a reliable base load. All that will happen is what's happened elsewhere - wind, solar, and coal/gas to cover the inevitable large shortfalls as they fluctuate like hell (not to mention their massively lower energy density).

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