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Comment Re:And the ugly trick is... (Score 1) 348

Plus SLA's protect your team and the team of the other department.

Let's we have a new hire service, the SLA states that it takes 72 hours to provision a new user and configure their equipment, but if the equipment is in stock it's 24 hours. You then have managers coming to you the day an employee starts asking you to set them up and upset with you that you can't do it RIGHT NOW. This article seems to suggest that we shouldn't point to the agreement and hold them to it, but rather try to convince a rather unreasonable person that they are being unreasonable (especially because they always do this).

The SLA allows me to cover my ass when they go to my boss and say the IT manager is being unreasonable because he isn't psychic.

Comment Re: I guess the pay is good... (Score 1) 90

1) I get a new raise when I need one, I just find a new job.
2) Move out of the big cities and flee the large companies. You can easily make 90-130k in the midwest at a smaller shop with a much lower cost of living and a straight 40 hour work day.
3) Overseas protection doesn't work if they can literally move all of you overseas, and they can.

Comment Re:Nowhere! (Score 4, Interesting) 267

One of my last jobs was a greenfield project for a new manufacturing facility. The old facility employed around 250 people making, moving, cutting and packaging, and shipping the products. This new factor was robot driven with these little robot carts that move the product from station to station where it then worked on by stationary robots. My job was to design a robust wireless network for the project and build out the the datacenter to handle the new software to run the whole thing. In the end, including front office staff the new factory employed 15 people to do the work of the previous 250 people.

How long until they close that other plant and retrofit it?

Comment Re:and the cost of liveing in the bay area is very (Score 1) 215

Exactly, I've looked at job offers in big cities and when I do a cost of living comparison I'm better off staying where I am. 95K a year in a town where 1k a month can get you a 3000sq foot home on a half acre of land, or 110k a year in a city where 2k a month gets you a small apartment....

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