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Comment Re: Sounds like you're the problem (Score 1) 262

My last employer required all IT staff to take a full 5 continuous working days off in a row at least once a year. They could not be contacted at all during that time. This was to ensure that we had proper documentation and cross training and could function if said individual was hit by a truck.

Comment Re:Mint (Score 2) 510

I hate that we refer to needing to work on your OS to make it work to be a 'power-user'. I'm a power user. I build large scale server infrastructures for a living. I know the ends and outs of multiple operating systems better than I know my wife. I do not want to spend time working on my laptop! This is why I use OSX. Of the *nix operating systems, it's the one that needs the least amount of my time to actually use. I want to do work on my laptop, not work on it.

Comment Re:too expensive (Score 2) 143

You don't need all of that to cut the cord.

We use netflix, Amazon (we would have prime anyways), CBS all access (only when the shows we watch are on), and HBO GO (only when the shows we watch are on), and CW (free with ads).

$12 for netflix * 12
$10 for CBS * 6 for partial year
HBO $15 * 6 for partial year
Amazon (only a few shows that we like at $30-40 a season) Let's call this $40*4

That is $38 a month for TV service. and $125 for my 1gbps internet.

Comcast bundle according to https://www.xfinity.com/learn/... is $160 a month for 75Mbps internet and 200 TV channels.

I'll stick with my cord cutting.

Comment Re: The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Score 3, Informative) 212

I'd say people doing their own upgrades didn't care about 'apple approved' parts. I bought dozens of macbooks for my employer with base specs and immediately popped a SSD and 3rd party ram in them upon receipt. It was way cheaper and if anything went wrong, I'd put the original parts back and send it in for repair.

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