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Comment Comment period expired? (Score 1) 210

If I'm reading this (a 'petition' filed with the FCC) correctly, commenting expired a week ago: However, the link in the original post shows new comments.

Has anyone figured out if it's possible to add a comment? If so, what are you using for the "proceedings" field here:

Comment Re:Unforgeable Caller ID (Score 1) 81

But I think it's a significant start:
1. Once a DID is identified as coming from a scammer, propagating that information should be pretty easy (akin to the mechanisms now used for detecting and reporting malicious websites.)
2. This also provides an easier time for Do Not Call registries to 'follow the money'.

It's not sufficient to cure the problem, as you point out.

Comment Unforgeable Caller ID (Score 5, Interesting) 81

I repeat my call for unforgeable Caller ID. If the Telco can't verify the actual caller phone number and identity, it should present "untrusted" or some words to that effect.

The argument 'this can't be done' doesn't sound credible to me, it implies the Phone Company doesn't know who to bill. Yes, this could be a significant change to Telco switches. But they've been facilitating these kinds of frauds for way too long.

This will not stop nuisance calls, but it will make it MUCH EASIER to block or ignore them.

Comment Re:"Why do we have to speak English?" (Score 1) 711

The way I heard this was a BOAC 707 (predecessor to British Airways) was on a flight from LHR to FRA, and was having problems finding the airport in the fog.

BOAC pilot: Request vectors to runway.
German ATC: I gave you vectors. What is wrong, have you never flown to Frankfurt before?
BOAC pilot: Yes, but that was back in 1944, and I didn't land.

Comment Re:"Why do we have to speak English?" (Score 1) 711

But the Soviet Union was not a member of NATO, and this was explicitly at a NATO conference.

The contributions of the western Allies, not just US but also UK, in providing supplies, vehicles, etc to the Soviet Union shouldn't be discounted. It may not have been the margin of victory, but it certainly allowed the Soviets to exploit their successes, and definitely contributed to ending the war in '45.

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