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Comment Re:Ban guns (Score 1) 2166

Here in scotland, gun deaths make national news and there are between 0 and 4 fatal shootings a year in a country with 6 million people. Every other week, I read about a school shooting on this site, followed by thousands of people spouting rubbish like you.

Just man up and admit that guns are cool and dangerous. I know

Comment Re:One example of WikiLeaks damage (Score 1) 696

Yeah, but in this specific example, there's more blood because of Assange. The best you can possibly do - and I actually think this myself - is that it teaches future politicians that secrecy is no longer a tool that the corrupt can use to consolidate power. But still. In this specific case, sux2bu.

Comment Re:Please continue (Score 1) 645

You did bring it up out of nowhere - how many people around here even RTFA, and you manage to quote the one line about zealotry.

You also have to admit, the sig is kind of inflammatory as well. Wouldn't you feel ... disappointed if you read one that said "Don't thank a doctor, thank God!". Yet I know now that simply putting my personal beliefs on show is taken as a confrontation by some people, so I don't.

Comment Re:Goes both ways... (Score 0) 645

There's a story of a man who was at his house when heavy rains poured down, the river crested, and the town flooded. As he stood on his front porch, the neighborhood completely under water, two men came by in a rowboat. "Can we take you to safety?" one called out.

The man shook his head. "No, thank you. I have faith in the Lord and He will save me."

A little later, the waters had risen and the man was on the roof of his porch when several folks happened along in a motorboat. "Say, there, would you like to come with us?" one of them called.

"No, thank you," the man replied. "I have faith in the Lord, and He will save me."

The waters continued to rise with alarming speed, and the man soon found himself on the roof of his house. A helicopter came by and hovered overhead as the pilot broadcasted, "Let me drop a line and get you out of there."

"No, thank you," the man called back. "I have faith in the Lord, and He will save me."

The man perished in the flood and went to Heaven, where he was met at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter. Extremely saddened and upset, the man requested to talk to God. His request was granted.

"Heavenly Father," the man cried, "I had faith in you to save me from the flood, and you didn't come through for me!"

Astonished, God replied, "What are you talking about? I sent you two boats and a helicopter!"

Comment Re:Maybe we will know in the future. (Score 5, Informative) 189

I'm a chemist and I actually did some freelance investigation into UF6 centrifuges a while back - quite fascinating. They're tall thin cylinders, barely a handsbreadth wide, with maglev vacuum bearings and a rotation speed in excess of 100,000 RPM. The outer wall of the centrifuge experiences a million G's of acceleration, and a sweaty thumb-print can off-balance one enough to self-destruct. Also, one cylinder only enriches uranium by 1% or so, so you need to daisy-chain many hundreds together flawlessly to get pure 235 out the end.

I imagine with a system that fragile, you don't need to find the precise resonant frequency. IIRC, all stuxnet did was blip the frequency down to 0 Hz for a short time - which I imagine would eventually throw the drive off-center and cause it to fail noisily.

Comment Re:Where are the espionage charges? (Score 1) 1020

Anyway I think the chances of these accusations against Assange being completely unrelated to the leak and the timing being coincidental are pretty slim.

Except that the accusations were first floated weeks ago, at around the time of the Reuters correspondent murder leak. Anyway, it would be unfortunate timing, but being a politically interesting person doesn't give you a free pass. Other posters have called for great scrutiny and impartial judges, but that only works if it's a planted accusation and not a real one.

Comment Re:The price of gas (Score 1) 454

For $15.00 a year, it's not worth living with a constant paranoid beady eye gazing at the world, thinking how best to fuck someone out of half a cent, and how best to protect the ninth decimal place of my total worth. Such an attitude would warp my mind into the shape of scrooge McDuck and I'm not prepared to debase myself to that level.

I'd much rather do what my grandparents do to save $15/year - steal ketchup packets from McDonalds and wash out drinking straws.

Comment Re:Imagine that! (Score 1) 305

Oh please, that's asinine bullshit from someone without ties. When your free gaming time drops from 80 to 5 hours a week and your disposable income goes up by a factor of 10, that 20 minutes of patch hunting and firewall configuring is worth paying to avoid. Oh no, I can't sell my game collection! Guess I'd better keep on washing my toilet paper and eating from wheelie bins until I make up my deficit.

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