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GNOME 3 Delayed Until September 2010 419

supersloshy writes "Contrary to popular opinion, GNOME 3 will not be released in March next year. It has been delayed until September 2010, six months later. According to the news message, this is because 'our community wants GNOME 3.0 to be fully working for users and why we believe September is more appropriate.' GNOME 3's main goal is to re-define the ways people interact with the desktop, mainly through a new UI design (currently called 'GNOME Shell'), while GNOME 2.30, set for release in March, will have a focus on being stable. An early visual tour of GNOME 3 has been posted at Digitizor."

Microsoft Buys Teamprise, Will Ship Linux Tools 200

spongman writes "Microsoft's Senior Vice President, Developer Division, S. Somasegar has announced that Microsoft has acquired Teamprise from Sourcegear, LLC, and will be shipping it as part of the upcoming Visual Studio 2010 release. Teamprise is an Eclipse plugin (and related tools) for connecting to Team Foundation Server, Microsoft's source-control/project-management system. What's most interesting about this is not only that Microsoft has realized that heterogeneous development platforms are important to their developer customers, but the fact that Microsoft themselves will now be developing and shipping products based on those heterogeneous platforms, including 5 versions of Unix."

Comment Re:good description (Score 1, Flamebait) 323

I trust Fox News far more that communist radio NPR that worships at the alter of Obama. They practically drool when he talks. Doesn't anyone have a problem with the government owning media? Isn't it bad enough that the private own media swoons on every word Obama says? He already owns the banks and 2/3 of the American car industry. This doesn't bother anyone else?

Comment Re:Too early yet (Score 3, Insightful) 334

You are kind of missing the point. Congress doesn't want us to know what the bills say, and they don't want to really know what the bill says. If they don't actually read the bill, they have plausible deniability. If you can't read the bill, then they can say you don't know what you're talking about, and if that doesn't work, they'll just call you a racist for disagreeing. Take health care for instance. What Obama and the Democrats have been saying the bill does is not what the actual bill says. They are playing a magician; they want you to watch what there right hand (what they say) is doing while the left hand (what the bill says) is doing something else. Didn't you have a problem when Obama broke his promise that we'd be able to view bills a week before they are passed (see here)? Aren't you bothered that most in Congress don't read the bill before they sign it, and then try to tell you what it actually does? They are trying to reform health care in America without actually reading the whole bill! Ask your local Representative if they read the bill before they passed it back in August. Anything that expedites the process of you being able to read what is being passed will not be done. This is business as usual.
United States

Journal Journal: Wow...What a year it's been

Wow. It's been a over year since I wrote in here. I am proud to say that I did not vote for Obama. I didn't vote for Obama because I looked at what he said, and compared it to what he did while in Illinois politics. I looked at his character, not the public persona he wants you to believe. I looked at who he hung around with and their beliefs. I knew he wasn't qualified for the office of President.

Comment Re:You're Computin' for a Shootin' Mister (Score 1) 370

I wonder if the VP bought multi-core technologies expecting that there would be an instantaneous improvement. The truth is that multi-core technologies don't guarantee massive improvements if the software was not written to take advantage of more than one processor. I think this is more a case of a VP seeing too much of the "big picture" and not enough of the details.

Comment Re:non-issue (Score -1, Troll) 324

yes, you're correct. However, it is a censuring of a "right" in that if I go to a doctor and receive treatment and don't like the treatment...I should by the inherent right of our freedoms be able to post my opinion about it. This is lame. I'm so tired of hearing/reading about crap like this, it just frustrates me. How dare I voice a negative opinion about some stupid doctor's office? Please. There outta be a law....:D

Before you encourage Obama to take a away more of our dwindling rights, there is a democratic free market way this will get resolved--possibly. All it takes is some doctor to mess up, twice, and the second patient, or their family, sues the doctor and the associated medical institution involved for the mistake and not allowing the first patient, who had the same mistake, from posting about the problem. That could cause them to remove the clause. Basically, you make it more expensive for them to keep it in than to remove the clause.

Comment Re:Online uptake? (Score 1) 218

I get tired of starting a book, and after I really getting into the book, I come across a sex scene that just doesn't fit into the story. Most of the sex scenes in the books are pointless. It seems some, not all, of the writers seem to committed to lowest common denominator of values. As for the magazines, I got tired of glancing at them finding that I didn't like any of the stories.

Comment Re:So much for a tech savvy Whitehouse. (Score 1) 589

You could just turn on the TV for the important parts. Maybe it's to 20th century for you? Every station and more is going to have some presence there. I am more shocked at the $150 Billion being used to put on this party. In a down turn economy, that could put a lot of money in our pockets. If they really want to get the economy going, send every American family, or single person, a tax free check for $50,000 to $100,000. It would probably have been cheaper than all the rounds of billions of dollar of hand outs to company that mismanaged the money. The even mismanaged the money gave them. Now even the porn industry wants a hand out!

Comment Re:numbers (Score 1) 204

Troll or not, you are immune from nothing. So what if you have lived through a war in your country. Plenty of people have. The US has not because, in the past, we don't generally let the war come to our country. We are smart enough to realize that it is best to fight the battles before they are on our front doorstep and in our front yards. If the rest of the world would get off their posteriors and take care of the small, and big, fires around the world, the US would more than likely just stay in our own country, but let's face it the United Nations is pathetic. Their peace forces are useless, a joke, and sometimes even criminal, and don't even start with accusations of "American soldiers are committing war crimes" because when they do, we prosecute the soldiers. Most of the time, as in this latest struggle for Iraq, the rest of the world believed liberal propaganda that was simply not true at best (& down right lies at worst). It's not my fault you people are suckers. I have heard from American soldiers in Iraq, and a vast majority them were shocked at the misinformation displayed by the likes of CNN et. al..

If the US pulled out of everywhere today. I am sure a lot of people would be happy--like dictators who abuse their people. I also know that the Europeans would probably do nothing but "talk" about the problem and try to negotiate with no positive results. Most of the time (not all of the time) if something needs to be done the US has to do it because nobody else will. This is not propaganda it is just the truth. If the rest of the world doesn't like the way the US is handling things, then they should start solving problems around the world instead of sitting on their collective rear ends bitching at their TVs, radios, etc. because the Americans are doing it all wrong in their experienced and expert opinion.

Get off your high horse and get a clue. The US does stuff because the rest of the world generally won't do anything. Some in America still believe it is possible to make the world a better place for everyone. It will not happen by everyone holding hands and sing peace songs. Some still believe it is possible to make a change for the better, and that governments should be by the people and of the people. Some of us still believe that differences of opinion need not lead to fighting, but the differences sometimes do lead to fighting--and should only lead to fight as a last resort when ones nation/self is in danger. (Of course, there are exceptions.) I know you are not smart enough to read this with an open mind because you just hate the US (or just hate my comments an/or me). In fact you'll probably reply with another troll or lame comment at best. That seems to be all your capable of at the moment.

Comment Re:numbers (Score 1) 204

<sarcasm>Your right. China SO much better than Bush. Why didn't I see that?</sarcasm>

I know...because your wrong. Bush didn't wage war on the rest of the world. There was a lot of misrepresentation on the part of most of the media about Iraq. WW II was a lot worse, but if you believed them, then Iraq was far worse! Bush preemptively attacked two nations who were supporters of terrorism before they could harm us more. Both now have a freely elected governments, and Iraq is now running their own security. The plan was always to hand over (& eventually leave) the country when Iraq was capable of protecting itself. That is now the case, and we now have a timetable to leave with Iraq able to stand on their own. If you believed Obama, Clinton, et. al. then this was never going to be possible. They were wrong, and the media, and the liberals, misrepresented Iraq to a majority of the people in order make themselves look better to regain power. A lot of people/suckers fell for the smoke and mirrors.

Bush liberated people, and China suppresses people. They censor the internet, and they use their prisoners (some of whom are just religious people) for spare body parts for other people. Did you get a transplant from China? Then it came from a prisoner (also (second article),). To be fair China has placed a ban on sales of body parts requiring a signature from the donor, but I don't know how this effects the human body parts harvesting from prisoners.

China doesn't need to place a value on human life because they have over a quarter of the population of the Earth (even with the 1 baby per family law). The value of life in China is cheap. Kill one person, and there are still many left to take that persons place. Take the treatment of baby girls. According to this article China is taking steps to prevent this from completely devastating their population.

<sarcasm>Oh yeah, you are so right, Bush is so much worse. Didn't you hear about the human harvesting in the inner city?</sarcasm> For those that don't get it, there is no human harvesting in the inner city.

Comment Re:numbers (Score 1) 204

As much as people want to complain about Bush, he didn't use censorship. One needs only look at all the people that were allowed to complain about him. For all the "fears" of liberals about Bush's various legislation taking away there freedoms, we still have all the freedom we had before he got in. The true test will come with this next president. The liberals have been whining a lot because they can't some up with a version of "talk radio" that actually survives on its own--public "welfare" radio doesn't count because it gets government funding and doesn't have the audience talk radio does. All the efforts to create a liberal talk radio network failed because they were just nauseating cheer leaders for the liberals. They never questioned, or challenged, the liberals when they strayed from the agenda. This is why conservative talk radio took off. They were not afraid to let the conservative leaders have to their face when they came on the show. Look at the liberals in almost any interview that isn't on a conservative show. They don't get asked the really hard questions, and if they are asked, they are allowed to skate by with a lame answer. It is nauseating. Like the current economic depression in the United States (I don't know about anything outside of the US), the media is over dramatizing the effects. There are unemployed people, but not as many as they want you to think. There are plenty of under-employed people--like myself. I hate what I am doing now, but I am employed and paying my bills. I am smart enough to know that things will not always be rosy. There will have times when I am doing things I don't like. The point of this comment is you have to always consider the source of the news and ask questions about it. Use your brain for something other than a hat rest.

Comment Re:Modern day Indulgences (Score 2, Interesting) 302

Well, planting the trees would work better. ;) Anyways, if you want to spend the money, spend it on planting tree, bushes and anything else that can consume greenhouse gases in cities and other Urban environments--like on top of buildings in New York City. Scientific American did an article (this) on it, or if you prefer this article from wikipedia. This would be more productive than falling for Al Gore's scams!

The Inexact Science of Carbon Neutrality 302

snydeq writes "Sustainable IT's Ted Samson raises questions regarding the purchasing of carbon offsets, a practice growing in popularity among tech companies such as Dell, Yahoo, and Google in an attempt to achieve 'carbon neutrality.' Essentially financial instruments, carbon offsets enable companies to invest money in sustainable endeavors in an attempt to counteract the carbon footprint they incur conducting their business. But as a recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows, measuring the value of these carbon offsets is tricky business, as some recipients of offsets say the results of their sustainable efforts would be achieved regardless of any one company's investment. 'The question of whether carbon offsets hold value just scratches the surface of the overall carbon-neutrality question,' Samson writes. 'For the time being, there isn't even a consistent approach to measuring an organization's carbon footprint in the first place. And if you don't know how much CO2 you're responsible for, how do you know how much offsetting is necessary to become neutral?'"

Homeland Security Department Testing "Pre-Crime" Detector 580

holy_calamity writes "New Scientist reports that the Department of Homeland Security recently tested something called Future Attribute Screening Technologies (FAST) — a battery of sensors that determine whether someone is a security threat from a distance. Sensors look at facial expressions, body heat and can measure pulse and breathing rate from a distance. In trials using 140 volunteers those told to act suspicious were detected with 'about 78% accuracy on mal-intent detection, and 80% on deception,' says a DHS spokesman."

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