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Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 410

I care enough to comment from the other side of the world and as it's Boxing Day I'm embarking on family roadtrip for summer vacation!

Based on my limited sample size of North American friends on Facebook, several atheists and a Jain are celebrating neo-Pagan winter solstice, a jewish friend, who earlier in the month had posted about Hannukah, has a witty Catmas post but even my Muslim friends from Canada are posting Christmas messages and don't seem that bothered by sectarian divisions.

Just maybe we're living in a post-PC world where peace and goodwill extends to shoving the offensively non-offensive "happy holidays" up your bum! :)

A big shout out to the Palestinians in Bethlehem...

Comment Re:please not another cyanogen fork (Score 1) 122

escape vendor provided crap-ware

Bloat. They shouldn't bundle stuff like AudioFX, the email client and Browser as system apps; it just adds megabytes to the ROM download and adds useless icons to the launcher. Why not provide a LineageOS repo or upload them to f-droid?

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