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Comment Re:Future Windows phone... (Score 1) 150

it was said that they'd be building it w/ the Snapdragon and then emulating x86 in order to run native x86 binaries. Which would suck as far as battery life goes.

Since no Windows Phone apps are compiled exclusively for Intel, we're talking desktop programs here. In which case the user would typically not care about batteries in doing the Continuum thing - dock the phone to a power supply and external keyboard, mouse and hotel TV.

Comment Re:Another great story (Score 2) 49

I worked under such a scheme a number of years ago. The recruitment agency that were hiring me for a role didn't do their own payroll, rather I was employed by a third party.

So small time recruiters probably pay these guys a fee for each contract. For workers that use their services directly, they can charge 0%, using the methods you describe.

Bear in mind taxation - where money collected at the beginning of a financial year might only be required to be submitted to the federal government 11 months later at the end of the year.

Comment Re:good news fucked summary/title (Score 1) 66

Unanswered question for this system that does not emulate the CPU of phone hardware: how do they deal with native code in those apps that have it?

They don't emulate ARM on an x86 host if that's what you mean.

Intel at one point did release a library called Houdini, which does what you're asking.

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 1) 46

I'd be tempted to use continuum if they have sold it as a standard feature on $200 handsets but the Elite X3 is only going to be purchased by business customers for staff who'd prefer an iPhone 7.

Being a slashdot nerd I have multiple monitors, USB keyboards and mouses plus an HDMI TV. I do have a 2009 era laptop running Windows 10, as a student but would gladly turf it once my degree is complete in favour of a pocket device which has possibly more processing power!

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 1) 46

Vendors. Lumia might be dead but look at that list - HP, Lenovo and VAIO.

Enough to keep the platform on life support. Still teasing the market with rumours of 'Surface Phone' vapourware emulating x86 on Snapdragon 835...

Footnote: Cerulean Moment is a crowdfunded project launching a new mid-range handset. Still a long way to meet their funding goal, however.

Comment Re:Do people buy things from MS stores? (Score 1) 116

I for one haven't used it. The store has advantages, in theory, provided they don't lock down the rest of the machine (c.f. Windows RT)...

1) Windows has no package manager, so a lot of freeware software utilities come from some dodgy download site that may bundle malware in the installer.
2) The update mechanisms for popular vendors run an update service in the background, which no one wants clogging up their machine
3) Applications in the store presumably run in a sandbox, which may improve security.

I'm a cheapskate, so I've never *paid* for any app on Google Play, so from the revenue side 30% of $0.00 is still $0.00

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