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Comment Re:Mozilla has spent almost 10 years... (Score 4, Interesting) 317

I thought users were complaining that their 2015 era 8-core laptop was slower for web browsing than their 2-core 2009 workstation because using a fifth of the electricity meant lower single-threaded performance.

So they rewrote their extensions API because the old API couldn't easily be multi-threaded nor easily ported to Servo.


Comment Re:Low memory (Score 1) 109

postMarketOS is getting closer to running KDE's plasma mobile on older generic Android phones you might have lying in a drawer somewhere.

The guy running this phone effort says he's a debian guy and committed to FOSS. So even if the crowdfunded handset is DOA, perhaps the software stack of Matrix may be portable to devices that people actually own rather than plonking down $600.

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