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Comment Re:Same as 120/240Hz HDTVs, I can't stand it (Score 1) 607

That link is just flat out wrong. LCD "refresh rate" does not work as the author of that article describes. LCDs have no need to redraw their image 60/120/240 times per second, the backlight is always on and the pixels keep their state until changed.

He is describing the way CRT refresh rate worked, and calling it a "new" issue with LCDs.

Comment Re:non-profit? (Score 1) 917

with just about every one of them having a Starbucks (heck, that's in the library now, too)

Do you really think on campus Starbucks locations are operating at a loss? This just doesn't fit at all with the point you are trying to make.

Comment Re:How To Tweak GNOME 3 (Score 1) 353

2. searching for everything? god I hate this garbage. It's a lot easier to just know where the icon is and click it.

Never-mind that you can still access your applications via icons, right?

The ability to quickly run typed commands is one of the only features I actually *like* in Windows (win-R). I'm more than happy to see it as a feature in GNOME.

Comment Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (Score 1) 917

I included both a biological group and a social group for a reason. Calling either one a "disease" would be frowned upon by most reasonable people, even if you do think choosing to join a particular social group is a poor choice.

As for obesity, yes, genetics play a role, but I don't know of a mechanism that has been found that allows a human body to create matter from nothing. Genetics can predispose people towards obesity, but you still have to consume more calories than you expend to gain weight.

Comment Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (Score 1) 917

From the summary:

Gay Cure isn't the first app Apple has removed for touting an anti-homosexual philosophy.

Replace "anti-homosexual" with almost any other "anti-GROUP" and it would be called hate.

Grouping people together and rallying against them is hate. No matter how nicely you word it. I realize this particular app isn't all that offensive in a direct way. The indirect implications, however, are obviously quite inflammatory.

Comment Re:mixed feelings and abstract hate. (Score 4, Insightful) 917

Really? You think products to help people lose weight or stop smoking are even remotely in the same league as a "gay cure?"

How about a "cure" for being black? Or a "cure" for being a Christian?

Being overweight is the result of poor choices. Yeah, it sucks when people get picked on for it, but it is an unhealthy condition that can be changed. Offering people help with that process is not hate. Being gay is not a disease and it has no cure. Telling people that a basic part of who they are is a disease is hate.

Maybe Apple shouldn't ban apps at all, I'd prefer that myself. They've already started down that road, however, and hate speech isn't exactly an unreasonable thing to ban, if you are going to ban anything.

Comment Re:What about... (Score 2) 375

Ripping CDs for personal use is covered by fair use.

DVD ripping is only illegal because you have to circumvent encryption to do so, and the DMCA can then be used to do an end-run around your fair use rights. Audio CDs are not encrypted, so they are still fully covered under fair use.

Comment Re:The smart phone got him off? (Score 2) 254

I'm sorry, what?

By that same logic, city, county, or state prisons can legally beat and torture their prisoners, unless local law specifically prohibits it. No. Just No.

All those rights provided to citizens of the United States by the constitution and its amendments apply equally in every jurisdiction in the country, it doesn't matter if the police involved are local or federal.

Comment Re:No, no they do not.. (Score 1) 461

Are you positive the ID request was related to the form of payment? Target has become very strict about checking ID for age restricted items, every time, for every customer.

The only time you should be asked for ID in relation to a credit card at Target is if the POS prompts the cashier, which it will only do if the authorization system sends back a message that something fishy might be going on with the card. My understanding is that this situation is perfectly acceptable - it is the credit card company's authorization system that requests the ID check, not the store. For a routine transaction at Target the cashier never even touches the card, let alone asks for ID.

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