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Comment In Australia, TV kills TV (Score 1) 576

It honestly seems that some stations try to commit suicide in Australia, Channel 7 in particular. So far, they have licensed Scrubs, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Firefly, Boston Legal, Futurama, Family Guy and probably some others. All of these have either been removed or are randomly thrown on at around midnight on varying nights of the week. I never would have discovered Arrested Development if I hadn't fortunately stayed up late enough to watch Scrubs one night. It premiered right after it at some crazy hour. Meanwhile, what was Channel 7 putting on primetime? Hope & Faith. Yes, you heard me.

Comment Gross Ignorance (Score 1) 132

I was once killing time outside a chemist in a shopping centre. In doing so I started reading a pamphlet advertising a new probiotic, as I figured they might be useful to me. However, as it turned out, the pamphlet went to great lengths to explain that any competent doctor would (successfully) treat a person with the flu with antibiotics. The idea of ingesting live organisms from a company that fails high school biology has me pretty worried to say the least.

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