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Comment Re:Astroturfers Wanted (Score 2, Informative) 89

They wouldn't gain much with ads.

About 80% of Twitter's traffic is through their API (3rd party Twitter apps pulling content and rendering on their own), and only 20% through their website. They couldn't really enforce various Twitter clients to display ads when they pull tweets over the API, so Twitter can't really be monetized by ads. (OTOH, some 3rd party Twitter apps are ad-supported and display ads in their UI).

Comment Re:Rejected (Score 2, Insightful) 214

Yeah, Apple yanked the app because of the BASIC interpreter hole, and the developers have plugged it and resubmitted the app.

Way to go, Apple. I mean, what harm could that BASIC interpreter do? It has no means of loading external code - no access to local filesystem of the underlying OS, no network connectivity, nothing. Are they afraid I'll manually type-in a program from a listing published in a magazine or something?

I got tons more "sense of childlike wonder" from toying with the interpreter than I could ever from playing Jack Attack and Dragon's Den combined!


Comment Re:Stay classy (Score 1) 290

Support for legacy technologies gets dropped all the time.

One of the reasons I switched to Mac back in 2005 is that iSync could seamlessly sync iCal and Address Book to/from my (then already) ancient Ericsson R520m phone. Note it's not even *Sony* Ericsson, just plain old standalone Ericsson before Sony's involvement. Attempts to sync data between it and my Windows PC before that were frustrating to the point of pulling my hair out.


So, I was extremely glad they didn't drop that. I don't have Snow Leopard yet, but I bet its iSync will still support Ericsson R520m. Reason? Sony-Ericsson ain't screwing with Apple like Palm does, violating the USB specification by faking the Pre's vendor ID. Make no mistake, this was political decision. Whether it's smart on Apple's part, I don't know.


In any case, Palm users aren't completely out in the cold. To continue my iSync story, I eventually switched to a Sony Ericsson W850i that at the time didn't have native sync support with iSync. Guess what, I was able to buy a 3rd party iSync plugin for, like, 2 EUR that enabled the syncing. iSync actually has a plugin architecture. So I'm sure someone will step in and fill the void - here I agree with you.


If I'm pissed at Apple for something, I'm pissed that they don't have iSync for iPhone in order to strong-arm people into a MobileMe subscription.

Comment Re:Larry effect again? (Score 1) 361

That's true. All I said is that Apple wouldn't drop ZFS just because it became Larry Ellison's property (which is what OP suggested). There might be other legitimate business reasons to drop it though. I personally suspect Apple engineers hit a technical problem that'd jeopardize Snow Leopard deadline, and had to make a no-go decision. Or maybe its legal has problems with licensing, although CDDL shouldn't be a problem, so that's less likely IMHO.

Comment Re:Larry effect again? (Score 5, Informative) 361

It's widely known that Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison are good friends, see this from

"On 18 December 2003, Ellison married Melanie Craft, a romance novelist, at his Woodside estate. His friend Steve Jobs, Apple, Inc's CEO, was the official wedding photographer."

So, no, Larry's company becoming ZFS owner ain't the reason Steve's company would drop it.

Comment Half-Life 2 (Score 1) 131

Half-Life 2 was revealing the story gradually through naturally occurring dialogues and events throughout the gameplay. It's one of best storytellings (no external narrative at all, actually, all naturally interwoven into the gameplay) I've ever encountered in a game. Portal gets a close second.

I'm playing Bioshock now and honestly, the recorded diaries feel forced for a storytelling device.

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