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Comment Re:We don't need more competition (Score 1) 146

And if they award points for cooperation?

This is taking KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to a personalized level and giving them scores. Of course, as with current KPIs you get what you measure, and they rarely measure what senior management thinks they do.

The most effective way to stop getting customer complaints is to stop answering the phone.

Comment Re:GPU acceleration for other platforms (Score 1) 192

Perhaps it'll help with conditional aggregates which are painfully slow in Libreoffice with only a few thousand records.

For example, sum the $D column when the $E column matches year '2013'. Basically anything involving squiggly brackets around a SUM equation:

{=SUM(($E$1:$E$65518=$A6) * ($D$1:$D$65518))}

Comment Re:I thought they were already charging (Score 2) 225

It may have been Samsungs idea in the first place.

Large companies like to poo-poo regulation, fees, etc. but they also realize it increases the barrier to entry which greatly benefits them.

Samsung has healthy profit margins and can cover the cost. Other manufacturers Samsung competes against will struggle just a bit more as a result. Some new guy on the block is really going to struggle if it's up-front per device manufactured and not done on a per-sale basis.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 236

A Russian can import goods from China into the United States. They pay duties and other fees at the border of the United States as the goods enter the country; even if they intend to pay Americans to take the product.

The internet needs some kind of enforced border to ensure duties and other fees are paid on content as they arrive. The ads, in this case, would require payment in order to be presented to an Italian client. The "good" is being consumed by an Italian and taxes/fees should be paid when it crosses the border or by the local company regardless of where the purchaser or the manufacturer are located.

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