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Comment Or maybe they sold more than you think (Score 1) 147

I don't think that Apple has sold nearly as many iPad Pro's as they wanted to,

Signs point the opposite way, since they may a slightly smaller model of Pro and also been pretty good about updating the larger Pro with some decent speed and display increases.

I have really liked mine; my next trip I plan to travel with just an iPad Pro for working with photos, no laptop. Much lighter.

Comment Exactly right (Score 1) 238

The people worried about carbon emissions are just not realizing the huge downturn in output we'll see over the next few decades. They are worried about what things might be lime in 100 years when within 50 we'll have a massive drop in CO2 output.

Instead they should be focusing on real pollution which has a far larger lifespan in the environment than CO2...

Comment Re:General lesson - same problem as the Concorde (Score 2) 259

It's interesting that you and Musk seem to disagree on economics of the BFR. Do lay out your calculations that make it infeasible...

Those of us that can work a calculator and know what kind of fuel the BFR would use, generally agree with Musk that the idea is feasible (and greatly superior in terms of travel time)

Comment Re:Great! (Score 2) 164

They're not even right. The most likely reason someone hovers over a tab is because they're waiting for the yellow pop-up to show the full title of the tab so we know whether this is the right one or not. What's the odds that it'll now take even longer to see the full title of the tab.

Comment Well actually... (Score 1) 114

Bitcoins are extremely popular for drug dealers and human traffickers. Way nicer people than "evil gubnents!"

A) No sarcasm tag?

B) Actually, maybe that is extremely correct... have you ever MET a drug dealer? A lot of them are actually pretty nice, and wait for you to give money to them instead of taking it from you without even asking.

As for human traffickers they are scum but it's still hard to say many governments are that much more advanced morally, since they also prey on the weak and steal lives.

You're backing a currency that literally gets traded for human beings

The same is true of any currency though, especially the USD.... No-one can realistically in the modern age go without using some kind of currency. Although Bitcoin comes closest to making that practical because at least you are not supporting some central authority with questionable morals.

Someone who trades in human lives is going to take whatever for payment. Maybe it's USD or BTC today, but it would just be something else if you take both those away.

Comment You specifically tell Uber (Score 1) 197

It's not just that the apps have geolocation, that alone is not sufficient at all.

What happens with Uber (and I think Lyft) apps, is that it uses your location to show an approximation of where you are on the map - but then you make the final choice about where exactly the pickup point is, by moving the point around the map. So there's a lot more active feedback from Uber app users than there is in a 911 scenario.

I wouldn't mind seeing systems updated somehow so calling 911 also activated the most powerful GPS the device had, and sent what it had to 911 when you called so they would have that information.,

Comment Are YOU sure about that? GR 35% from renewables. (Score 3, Interesting) 337

Germany's economy is larger than CA but using renewables they have more energy than they can use.


During brief times of year, that MAY be true, as with the headline you are thinking of where German power pricing was negative on Christmas day in December.

However most of the time Germans are importing power because they shut down all nuclear plants - they are currently producing about 35% of their power from renewables

But all that importing and expensive renewable power facilities means that Germans pay some of the highest power rates in the world. Even if on Christmas you do get a break because the office buildings are shut down...

Comment Guess they were not serious about climate change (Score 3, Insightful) 337

No way are they going to be able to replace all of the energy lost from that plant from renewables. It's going to come from some other state, spewing coal and sulfur... or possibly they simply will increase the brownouts, but it's OK because all of the large cash cows have learned to have their own generation facilities for anything important.

Nuclear energy is the cheapest form above all the others, it's a shame to see the world fold this away even as they scream the Earth needs saving. You were saving it friend, and now you are letting it go.

Comment Not just Yes, Hell Yes (Score 2) 210

I've been programming professionally now for over three decades...

A while ago, if you were working on projects, and you wanted to do something complex - you were buying an external library to make that happen. UI forms, even data storage collections!

Nowadays even if you are working on a closed system, you are using a LOT of open parts and libraries to help make things happen. Most people are using Apache instead of proprietary web servers. Most people are using a multitude of open source libraries that means when you switch jobs your expertise is no longer fully invalidated, because you can use some of the same libraries as you move around. Many people are browsing using WebKit, way more than IE...

Sure there are a lot of closed systems around still but they operate in a world that is dominated now by more open protocols, open source tools, and libraries and so on. No longer is it considered risky to go with open source when LAMP now is considered the conservative choice.

Even though software development is still a pain for all sorts of reasons, it's still never been better and easier than it is now and you can build things today that just were not possible to pull off 20 years ago. Open source will continue to advance as the idea has proven to be gene4rally solid and reliable, and will only continue to spread further... eventually we may reach a plateau beyond which the remaining software will generally be closed for a variety of reasons, but I don't think we are there yet.

Comment What matters is now, not then (Score 2, Interesting) 148

It doesn't matter to me what the origins may have been; it matters what things are.

I find it pretty stupid to judge the starting point of organizations that were founded decades ago against the more recent Fox News, which was formed when outlets were already turning partisan and was just a bit ahead of the curve.

I'm not dealing in whataboutism; I deal in simple hard truths. And that is that Fox News is no more partisan now than any major news outlet (except possibly the Wall St Journal).

I also find it telling that you hide behind the AC mask to critique others... obviously that makes your opinion on the subject worth quite a bit less than mine.

Comment It's all propaganda now (Score 4, Interesting) 148

Everyone else may have agendas and fail in their full diligence, but Fox fails INTENTIONALLY since its inception

If you claim Fox News is propaganda, without saying CNN is propaganda, MSNBC is propaganda, the NYT is propaganda, then how can we respect your hyper-partisan views?

Here's a hint: It's all propaganda now. Most journalism now is driving you to think a certain way, providing facts that fit a narrative and omitting ones that do not.

Until you realize that you yourself are just another tool of propaganda by denouncing a single source and implying the others are reliable.

P.S. Fox News was not any more designed as propaganda than any of the other news sources, it evolved like the rest of them to where we are now. To claim there is any difference between what Fox is doing and what CNN is doing is what I take exception at. You cannot label them differently.

Comment Actually not (Score 1) 51

And that "someone" was Channel 4, who launched Black Mirror before losing it to Netflix.

That's just the thing though, Black Mirror my have been popular but Channel 4 didn't seem to realize it, or else they would not have lost it/let it go in the first place.

Netflix deserves a lot of credit for finding things that it realizes are actually popular, and rescuing them to give them a new home.

However with Black Mirror in particular, I personally do not like it much. The warnings they give I think are good ones, but the actual episodes really seem like they should be 15 minutes each, not an hour. There is so much repetition and dead space in them... I have not watched the Amazon show yet but probably will give it a go at some point and see if it's any better.

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