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Comment Re:"digital rights activists have also been critic (Score 1) 244

accessing by accident is not impossible, if anything tor links are much less transparent than clearweb links. however the simplest of logging can differentiate the classes of visitors. anyone who loads "holyshitCP.onion" then leaves is probably not a pedo, anyone who starts browsing the image and video archives and downloading CP, is a pedo.

Comment Re:I find it very strange and disturbing that ... (Score 2) 244

Child porn is easier to get a solid conviction. you catch chester the molester with images and video and convict on possession.

molestation and rape often does get a plea because you need the testimony of children who were raped,children are not the most reliable witnesses in terms of saying conflicting things that can help the defense, and asking them to recount what happened in court is less than ideal, so often the prosecution will give a plea deal that requires registration and a smaller jail term in order to balance protecting the community with compassion for the victims and the risk of a molester getting off scott free if the child panics and denies anything happened when questioned.

Comment Re:This is exactly what the FCC should be doing (Score 1) 520

it's absolutely not slander, first the POTUS is about as public as a figure as it gets, second, vulgar slurs are not defamatory because they are not a genuine false statement of fact, they are an insult. just the same as you can call someone a cocksucking motherfucker all you want.

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