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Comment Yes, it is always true. (Score 4, Interesting) 116

I can "invest" in beany baby dolls or original content, it does not matter. The accounting laws are strict. The SEC disclosure is clear. You have state how much cash you spent on them. Then it is up to the management to convince, and the investors to agree, that the baseball cards, rental properties, mortgage backed securities or original content will produce positive cash flow at some point in the future.

He is doing his job convincing people there is value created in all those properties. As long as the investors buy that story, it is all hunky-dory.

Comment Forget correlation/causation. Sample bias? (Score 0) 75

If there is any truth to the claim, Japan must be the country with the highest incidence of heart diseases.

They assign young engineers to assist our team to do translation etc, and these guys show up 7:30 in the morning at the hotel room, stay with them till 10:30PM, and then show up fresh as a daisy next day morning 7:30. They seem to spend 12 hours a day at work.

Panasonic actually implemented a policy limiting its workers to 80 hours a week.

One possible conclusion could be Europeans are lazy and they get apoplectic shock if they are asked to work for more than 35 hours a week.

Comment Re:Windows focus (Score 3) 483

The programmer can write any shit he wants, the OS should not respect the demand from the application without proper permissions. Demanding focus is a privileged command. At least we should have a matching, "Do not give focus to any other application" to other programs. And a click to specifically gives focus overrides both and resolves conflicts.

Comment Re:Junk? (Score 1) 104

All the tapes had significant amount of mould and it was considered a health risk to try to read them.

My wedding video tape original master too was affected seriously by mold. We were able to take it to India where they took the tape out of the cassette, cleaned the tape and re wound it in a new cassette. The tape was readable but quality of the video was severely degraded. If it is digital tape I dont think any useful info could be recovered.

Comment What if he is a victim of a hack? (Score 1) 187

The original developer signed an NDA and could not talk about it.

Let us say his computer gets hacked and some unknown thirdparty finds all the dirty laundry. And this hacker blabs all over the media about the deal. Now the original developer is not responsible for the behavior of the hacker right? She/He is also a victim of the hacker. If the original developer is able to show that she/he was not negligent then she/he is off the hook.

I am not suggesting the original hacker to leak all information and blame it on Russian hackers ... before making sure he/she can make the blame stick.

Comment Survivor bias is very high here (Score 1) 217

Lots of people are offered the chance to work from home. Those who are disciplined, and who actually work well and deliver results continue to be employed and allowed to work from home. The slackers get fired, and they find jobs where they need to be monitored constantly. Thus in the end, the sample of people who work from home is biased towards the survivors and it skews the results.

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