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Comment Re:Funny, when they choose to drop the tests. (Score 1) 180

You need to check who is on kool-aid.

1990s comp sci dept and med schools were the leading edge, the parents coming in.

2000s it was high schools all across the country, spelling bees and debate competitions. These are the kids of your class mates

2010 onwards it is the elite top 10 colleges that see over representation of Indian Americans compared to their percentage in the total population.

Comment Re:Funny, when they choose to drop the tests. (Score 1) 180

I'd love to see one shred of objective evidence to support that -- if you have one

Top colleges say they want a student body that looks like America, percentage of Asian Americans, Jews, Whites, Blacks and others in America and in their student bodies to be similar. That means less than 1% Indian Americans, is the desired level of admissions, because our population is around than 0.5%.

Comment Funny, when they choose to drop the tests. (Score 2, Interesting) 180

For a long time Hispanics and African Americans were complaining these tests are unfair to them. But for the universities insisted on using them.

Then came Y2K problem. India was about 30 years behind USA in IT and so it had a huge army of Cobol programmers. In the 1990s the Indian cobol programmers were imported at the rate of about 100,000 a year. The H1B visa was raised from 65,000 to 130,000 at that time. And most of it went to Indian Cobol programmers.

They came in, most of them immigrated, married, got children and the percentage of Indian Americans rose to some 0.5% of the population. All of them came with college degrees, a tradition of valuing education, and they personally bought a ticket of out poverty through college education. They doubled and tripled down on educating their children.

Cupertino, CA, and Edison NJ were the first to see the brunt of Indian version of Tiger Moms and their children who finish the entire syllabus of next year in summer vacation and spend the entire academic year filling up rest of their resume. Blackbelt in karate, debate team, spelling bees, chess championships... Indian Americans overperform by a factor of 10 to 20 academically. They form 5% to 10% of the top bracket in competitive examns.

I count Indian last names in Intel scholarships and other such data. I routinely find Indian American children forming 15% of the top echelons. Almost all Indian parents know their children need to score 150 points over Whites to get admission to elite colleges. My Chinese colleagues also say the same thing. Their kids need to do 100 to 150 points more than Whites. If the college admission process becomes totally based on test scores, 20 to 25% of the top 10 college admissions will go to Asian Americans. Asian Americans are not counted towards minority quota statistics, since they are not traditionally disadvantaged minorities.

Now the Whites are on the receiving end. Suddenly "test score is not everything. We are going to drop test scores" band wagon is gaining steam. The colleges want to limit Asian Americans to less than 1% of admissions. Finding the right legal way to do that is the long term project. Dropping test scores is the emergency action.

Comment I have a great idea! (Score 3, Funny) 156

It is called yarr

The yarr stands for yet another reviewer reviewer, modeled after yacc yet another compiler compiler.

It is meta reviewer site where we review the reviewer. Users look at all the reviews from many reviewers, yelp, trip advisor, google maps... Then compares the expected experience, expected price to actual price and actual experience.

Now the owner of yarr will become yaee, yet another exhorter exhorter.

Comment It is not a payment method (Score 2) 106

Accepting bitcoin payment is similar to accepting payment in terms of commodities, frozen concentrated orange juice ("Sell 30 April at 142!") or pork bellies. Or, at best, a foreign currency with a very volatile exchange rate. So there is no surprise, nor real news in this announcement.

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