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Comment In its defense (Score 2) 154

I was a Flash aficionado back in the early 2000s. Back then it was a good way to get something moving on your page or to provide a bit of interactivity. HTML 5 was some way off, iFrames were clunky, and JavaScript libraries like jQuery weren't very mature yet. Plus the player had a small footprint and was pretty widely installed on the browsers of the time. For a time it was a great way to deliver video.

As a technology it was a decent stopgap measure IMHO but it was on borrowed time as open standards caught up. Not many slashdotters had anything positive to say about it because it was a closed standard, but I have fond memories of seeing what the future of the web looked like, even if it was implemented in a doomed technology.

Comment Re:Imagine (Score 4, Insightful) 202

Where's that?

And is Breitbart worse than CNN?

Wouldn't a rational person read / watch CNN, NYT, Breitbart, HuffPost, Reason, Zero Hedge, Mother Jones, Infowars, Final Call, etc...

Scary when Alex Jones says there were mass rapes and gropes on New Years in Germany and the NYTs (which you read daily) doesn't mention anything. You dismiss it as Alex Jones hysteria - and then months later it comes out that Alex Jones was right and the NYTs hid something horrible.

The moral of the story is read a little bit of everything and not get locked into a self-referencing echo chamber.

Translation: "We must strike a balance between truth and lies."

Comment Re:In SC prisons the real problem are the guards (Score 2) 223

Yup, that seems to be the American model. I prefer the Nordic model where prisons are run more like colleges with a view to rehabilitation so that when people are released they're more likely to be fully functional citizens and less likely to re-offend. The fact that some of those countries are closing prisons for lack of inmates says it all. For that to happen in America would mean dumping the market fundamentalist idea that putting everything in the private sector makes it work better.

Comment Re: A good first step (Score 1) 320

So a Syrian software engineer should stay in the ruins of Allepo and start his startup there?

When people migrate and start companies outside their native land, they create networks that benefit their home countries. An Irish software engineer goes to Silicon Valley, starts a successful startup, then eventually partners with people back in Ireland where he can sell his stuff and create more business opportunities for people there.

"If people were goods, the solution to different wage and employment levels would be obvious: encourage the transfer of ‘surplus' people from poorer to richer nation states, which should benefit individuals whose incomes rise, increase global GDP, and promote convergence in wages and opportunities between sending and receiving areas that eventually reduces migration pressures."

Migration and development

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