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Comment Re:Evil, powerful men have enemies. (Score 3, Interesting) 242

First of all, Israel is conducting large scale state terrorism basically since it exists.
Israel was granted its existence by the UN in 1947. The problem with Middle East is that Arabs have never been able to accept that because they don't like Jews. If Israeli Jews were Muslim, the problem wouldn't exist, simple as that. The expansion of Israel's territory since then came in my view in a fair way, as they won one after another defensive war against attacks by vastly superior Arab forces.
  Second, some of the worst dictators in the Middle East have been explicitly supported by the US government
So what. It was right to support them when it suited our interest and there was a greater danger to us and to the word to worry about (USSR - the most evil empire in the 20th century). As far as I'm concerned, dictators are a fair game to support or to depose according to our interests and once we defeated the Soviet Union, we are now knocking them out one by one. Saudi royal family has a special deal with the US that temporarily keeps them in power because of oil but as soon as that reason is behind us they will be next in line.
  Also, it would perhaps also be a good idea to get a clue at the size the "islamic world" you're talking about, because you talk an awful lot as if it was confined to the Middle East.
And it would be a good idea for you to get some perspective of what a total failure Islamic civilization has been. There is no progress at all of any kind, technological, political or otherwise that happened in any Muslim country in hundreds of years. 2 Nobel Prizes in science by Muslims compared to over 100 by Jews! The best university in any Islamic country (in Turkey, among the least Islamic of the Muslim countries) is not even in the top 200 in the world. Democracy has either failed or been under attack by Islamists in just about every Muslim country. Every border where Islamic civilization meets a non-Islamic one there is trouble, just look at the world map. Israel has shown how to turn a backward desert wasteland into an advanced 1st world country in less than 50 years. Why can't any Muslim country do the same? I think it is obvious to anyone but Western cultural relativists that the reason is Islam.

Comment Re:Embrace... (Score 4, Insightful) 219

> Wikipedia needs to embrace that companies want to get their products on a website with that much traffic

No we don't. It's one of the most successful web sites on the planet, and arguably the most successful example of collaboration in human history. Why would we possibly want to change that?

Comment More linkbait BS (Score 1) 219

Did anyone bother to read the article? Don't bother, it's shite. It consists entirely of supposition and equivocation.

Only one actual example is offered, and this example demonstrates the company in question is utterly incapable of controlling the process, the article in question was quickly removed and remains deleted.

The rest is entirely arm-waving about the "scale of the problem" and "perhaps tens of thousands of articles" being involved. Various quotes from uninvolved people who's opinions add nothing of substance, and then a laughable comment from the Wikimedia Foundation that effectively says "not our problem" because it isn't.

Terrible, terrible writing.


Reprogrammed Bacterium Speaks New Language of Life 141

wabrandsma writes "New Scientist reports that 'A bacterium has had its genome recoded so that the standard language of life no longer applies. Instead, one of its words has been freed up to impart a different meaning, allowing the addition of genetic elements that don't exist in nature. ... The four letters of the genetic code are usually read by a cell's protein-production machinery, the ribosome, in sets of three letters called codons. Each codon "word" provides instructions about which amino acid to add next to a growing peptide chain. Although there are 64 ways of combining four letters, only 61 codons are used to encode the 20 amino acids found in nature. ... The three combinations left over, UAG, UAA and UGA, act like a full stop or period – telling the ribosome to terminate the process at that point. ... A team of synthetic biologists led by Farren Isaacs at Yale University have now fundamentally rewritten these rules (abstract). They took Escherichia coli cells and replaced all of their UAG stop codons with UAAs. They also deleted the instructions for making the release factor that usually binds to UAG, rendering UAG meaningless. Next they set about assigning UAG a new meaning, by designing molecules called tRNAs and accompanying enzymes that would attach an unnatural amino acid – fed to the cell – whenever they spotted this codon."

Comment Re:Evil, powerful men have enemies. (Score 1) 242

Maybe West should be alienated from the Islamic world. The status quo seemed to be that as the rest of the world was progressing towards democratic governments, the Middle East (apart from Israel) would be the sole remaining black hole for democracy and human rights, run by a bunch of dictators like Saddam, Assad, Gaddafi, Mubarak etc, not to mention Taliban. Islamic world sucks in every department and maybe it's in our interest not to let it go on like that for the sake of few more years of peace.

Comment Re:Bizarro world (Score 1) 183

I do not say that it's not that way. I only say that 25 years ago such an "offer" would be met only with ridicule and belittlement towards the Chinese company. As you might have noticed, it's not the case today anymore.

It should be, though. The revelations of American spying haven't changed China one bit. And it's not like the NSA wouldn't be above finding out about backdoors put in by Chinese companies and using them itself.

Comment Re: Is this the right move? (Score 1) 182

The whole Colistidia family is of pretty intensely studied both C botulinus and C diff present significant medical hazards C botulinus is also intensity studied due to the potential bio weapon use. C abc has long been commercially to produce organic solvents like acetone and presently to ferment the bio fuel butanol.

Withholding the sequence will just slow down amateurs.

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