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Submission + - Articles of Impeachment Submitted Against Cheney

Watson Ladd writes: Dennis Kucinich has reveled his articles of impeachment for Cheney. They are for lying about Iraq's prewar nuclear abilities, lying about the relationship between Saddam and Osama, and for trying to do the same to Iran. The text of the charges and a ton of supporting material are available here.

Submission + - A full VoIP PBX in a USB memory stick

RogerMo writes: Looks like VoIP has a new form factor with a business bundling an asterisk deployment into a live-USB linux memory stick. From the site: " The VoIP TelePort is a voice over IP business phone system built into the form factor of a USB memory stick. This exciting new product brings the power and features of an expensive enterprise PBX into a small handheld USB memory stick. Plug-in the VoIP TelePort into any modern desktop, laptop or server with a USB port and you will have a full VoIP phone system."

Submission + - Convert DVD to iPod writes: "Sothink DVD to iPod Converter, a powerful and easy-to-use DVD to iPod Converter software, helps you rip DVD or convert DVD to iPod video in MP4 format and provides fast speed, excellent quality, and best stability. It is also easier, faster and produces better video quality than any other software.
You can rip DVD to iPod video with a few clicks by wizard. The interface is also designed to be very intuitive and friendly. Before start conversion, you can select and remove movies, videos, audios and subtitles to convert DVD to iPod videos/movies. You can rip the separated contents in a DVD (such as movies, clips, and extras) into one iPod video, or convert and save them respectively. You can also adjust volume control for audio and the volume can range from -5 to 30db. With Sothink DVD to iPod Converter, you can automatically add the created iPod videos into your iTunes library after the conversion. Users can customize the conversion settings freely, or choose from the pre-defined configuration profiles conveniently in DVD to iPod Converter application. Its converting speed is much higher than other iPod DVD software. All the DVDs that are readable and playable on your PC can be ripped or converted into your iPod by Sothink DVD to iPod Converter. The converted movies will always maintain the best picture quality.
Free download Sothink DVD to iPod Converter now to convert DVD to iPod video and experience the excellent performance yourself!"

Submission + - New Fuel Cell Technology Cuts Emisions by 90%

imamac writes: A new fuel cell technology promises to reduce caol emissions by 90%. This staggering number is even more important when you realize that about 83% of CO2 emissions came from burning coal. Whether you believe in man-made global warming or not, this technology certainly can't hurt.

Submission + - Encouraging Students to Drop Mathematics

Coryoth writes: "The BBC is reporting that students in the UK are being encouraged to drop math at the senior levels. It seems that schools are seeking to boost their standing on league tables by encouraging students not to take "hard" subjects like mathematics, in favour of easier subjects in which they are assured good grades. The result is Universities being forced to provide remedial math classes for science students who haven't done math for two years. The BBC provides a comparison between Chinese and UK university entrance tests — a comparison that makes the UK look woefully behind. Is the UK slipping behind in science education?"

Submission + - Sweetening the Honeypot

ancientribe writes: Will honeynets go mainstream? Dark Reading reports on some new, free tools and services aimed at making honeynets more feasible and attractive to organizations looking for additional security. The Honeynet Project is set to roll out a new global distributed honeynet next month plus the necessary tools to participate in it, and there are some new client-based honeynet services from a related honeynet organization in New Zealand aimed at organizations that can't or don't have the resources to run their own such "lure" machines. 352&WT.svl=news1_4

Submission + - Anti-Spam CAPTCHA Inspired by Andy Warhol

An anonymous reader writes: Tired of 'typing the garbled letters below' every time you create an online account or submit a comment? You might be done with scrambled letters quite soon, thanks to two students at Brigham Young University. Recent research has shown that computers are better than humans in filling out some forms of visual CAPTCHA. Inspired by this problem, the BYU students created a new form of visual CAPTCHA, bearing a striking resemblance to the postmodernistic works of Andy Warhol. To demonstrate the CAPTCHA, an interesting anti-spam app allows users to post their email address on their blog, webpage, social network, etc., without running the risk of having their email address spam-harvested. Visitors to the site/blog/etc must first successfully pass a CAPTCHA before being presented with the user's actual email address.

The Warhol Proof is available for use free of charge for any purpose at

New Mobile GeForce Go Graphics 94

Brent Kupras writes "NVIDIA just launched a whole bunch of GeForce Go 7xxx graphics cards for notebooks. There is a Go 7900 GTX, a Go 7900 GS, a Go 7600 and a Go 7300. The GTX version looks like just a faster copy of the old Go 7800 GTX. There are also a few benchmark results of these new chips against the older NVIDIA chips and ATI's chips."

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