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Comment A out of this world explication... (Score 1) 818

I am currently studying the phenomenon of spirit possession. I know it is designated as crazy on this newsgroup but I take the risk of a least writing about it. From my readings, I would say that most young people today are likely to be owned by one or more bodies of deceased persons. The fact that religion and interest in what happens after death is rejected as a whole since the 40-50 could explain a large mass of people died since the last 15-20 years, with no or little spiritual cue, come back to haunt consciously or not the spirit of young people who are easy prey.
The solution is therapies based on hypnosis and regression.

Comment Re:Because HTML5 sucks ass as a development platfo (Score 1) 251

>Instead, everyone will continue hacking browsers into submission ad nauseam..

I would mod you up if I could. Trying to design an interface in HTML + css + javascript is really, really hard. But even if I agree with you on this, I don't think that the solution is Silverlight. We have to have better standards instead of proprietary technology. Few people will win with the Microsoft approach, we will be stuck in another Microsoft prison. A prison with golden bars maybe but still no liberty.

Comment Re:Microsoft pollution at its best (Score 1) 251

Because instead of trying to get HTML 5 or whatever standards to be on par with what they offer with Silverlight they got there own proprietary technology. If they wanted something for the web, Silverlight would have existed only as a proof of concept to back a standard. If they wanted the web to be better, IE would never have stalled like it has. No, Microsoft want the web for itself, its own platform, with technology like Silverlight and active-X that only Microsoft control.

Comment Re:Microsoft pollution at its best (Score 1) 251

I took my facts here before posting : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JScript and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JavaScript

Even with IE8, we are still stuck with Javascript 1.5 which date from 2000 and was first implemented in IE5.5. Almost nothing has been done by MS since then. So it's not a lie. Sorry.
About the performance.. well they are less slow.
And from the standards pov, particularly CSS, your right IE8 is better. It's a great move by MS, ex: having the most standard compliant mode by default. I applaud them for it. That's good.

So instead of going full speed on Ecmascript they do silverlight, since 2006 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Silverlight). Silverlight is great on itself from what I know. That's not the problem. It reinvent what is already available with other standards, ex: Canvas. One of the good thing of silverlight is XAML. But I wouldn't touch it because I do not want to be stuck in MS-only technolgy.

Comment Microsoft pollution at its best (Score 4, Interesting) 251

Each time I read about silverlight I get angry. Why won't Microsoft invest time and energy making IE html5 compliant instead of promoting this f*** product that nobody wants anyway. I mean, look at the competition for god sake. IE is stuck with Javascript 1.5 since November 2000. Man we are now 9 years since Ms has updated its Javascript engine. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, name it, all have javascript support almost if not ready for ECMAScript 5.

What is comforting in a way is the low deployment of silverlight. Google can give us a slight idea : http://www.google.com/insights/search/#q=adobe%20flash%2Cmicrosoft%20silverlight&date=today%2012-m&cmpt=q
I know at least that it is not deployed at work : 20,000 less pcs for Microsoft + the 2 mine at home.

Comment Secunia is better (Score 1) 369

Comment this is great ! (Score 1) 239

I'm posting this with the cf:http://tech.slashdot.org url. (I'm using the Google Frame plugin in IE8).

I used the cf: on acid3 and 100% wow !!! This is destabilizing !! :-)

Now i tested my banking account site that usually work only with IE and have issues with Google Chrome. So in entered the cf: and accessed my site and was able to make some account payment with it. Great. And fast.

This is the kind of test we need to make to full-proof this plugin.

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