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Comment Hypnosis machines (Score 1) 82

The other theory is that all of us are walking around under a constant state of hypnosis, and our conscious mind only thinks it's in control - but in fact our conscious mind is only a hallucination of our subconscious mind that is doing everything that we do on auto-pilot.

I mean, you don't think about the details of breathing or having your heart beat... unless you focus upon it consciously. Those things go on in autopilot.

Comment The hint is in the article title (Score 1) 76

"Windows 10 Will Soon Give Users More Control Over App Permissions "

The problem is that Windows 10 should have given users ALL control over app permissions IN THE FIRST PLACE.
(Just put those permissions somewhere the unskilled users can't mess with them easily though)

What Microsoft needs to work on are bugs in Windows 10 like the one where you attempt rename your computer with a string of numbers from the new PC Settings:

"Rename your PC. You can enter a combination of letters, hyphens and numbers"
Ok, how about 011555472053?
"That PC name won't work. Pick one that doesn't start with a number and try again"
*head asplode*

Comment Re:So who is Oracle going to buy now? (Score 1) 239

Not such a crazy idea for Oracle to take over RedHat. Oracle still have a presence in defence. RedHat gets most of it's funding from defence - from what I understand.

Oracle has tried to steal RedHat's support lunch money for a long time, primarily by ripping off RedHat Enterprise Linux and only releasing supporting software for their database apps by ensuring that the packages only exist in the world of Oracle Linux and it's custom "unbreakable" kernel.

It would be nice if Oracle then decided to open source Solaris since they're not going to develop it any more.... but knowing Oracle, it won't happen. I'm guessing they'll let the Solaris code and Solaris ZFS (for example) simply die on the vine.

Comment Inflationary bubble (Score 5, Insightful) 376

The strength of Bitcoin comes from the health of the computers maintaining the Bitcoin network, and those computers are only on the network is because they're getting paid in bitcoin to maintain it.

Once it becomes hard to impossible to mine bitcoin, to the point where it is not financially feasible to do so, Bitcoin's network will weaken and fold as miners move onto the next crypto-currency with a better ROI.

This will have the net effect of weakening the number of systems maintaining bitcoin - and potentially weakening the strength of the bitcoin network. This *might* possibly cause bitcoin's price to suddenly drop as people pull out.

It's either that or bitcoin has to continue to inflate for eternity I guess.

Comment Console games in Python (Score 2) 353

I remember the early 80s learning BASIC from those Usborne game books.
Really simple text console games that introduced concepts like variables, loops, and conditionals within programs that mostly fit into 1K or less than 8K at least.

Of course, you could simply translate those programs into something like Python these days and have some fun while learning to program.
Probably the hardest thing to do when starting out on Python is to teach them input sanitising. Everything else is fairly standard.

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